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Transformers character
Transformers: Prime Soundwave toy
Voiced by

Isaac C. Singleton Jr. (video game)
Species Transformer


Alternate mode

Cybertronian truck, Cybertronian boombox (War or Cybertron), General Atomics MQ-9 Reaper (Prime)

Buzzsaw, Laserbeak, Ravage

Transformers: Generations
Transformers: Prime

Deluxe Vehicles, Voyagers
Tech specs

ST08 IN10 SP06 EN05

RN08 CO04 FB06 SK09

Transformers: Prime

Soundwave was a gladiator around the same time as Megatron. He has many pet Mini-Cons who work for him.

Soundwave is one of the main group of Decepticons in the 2011 computer animated series Transformers: Prime.[1] Unlike his previous incarnations, Soundwave does not speak with his own voice, instead recording archive audio from others and repeating it on occasion. An interview with producer Jeff Kline indicates that he does so only by choice. He is rarely seen in combat, spending most of his time supporting the Decepticon side as communications officer and technical specialist, but has shown himself to be a very proficient fighter when circumstances demand it.

Fictional biography

Soundwave is absolutely devoted to Megatron. He uses his ability to intercept any electronic transmission to ensure the supremacy of his leader, and the eventual victory of the Decepticons over the Autobots.

Animated series

In the "Darkness Rising" 5 part mini-series, Soundwave detects the presence of Arcee, so Starscream sends a pair of Decepticons to attack her. Later, Soundwave detects a signal from deep space, which he is certain is Megatron, so the Space Bridge is opened, and Megatron returns. Later, Soundwave deploys Laserbeak at Starscream's orders to capture Fowler in order to locate the Autobot base. He is later assigned to highjack Earth bond radio telescope array to location of Cybertron, as part Megatron's plan to use their Space Bridge to transport Dark Energon to Cybertron. However the Autobot's young human allies figure out the Decepticon's have highjacked the array and go to the array to shut it down. The young computer wiz Raf hacks into the array computer system, Soundwave attacks them. He cuts the array's main line locking the dishes in place. While preparing to leave, the Autobots human ally Miko takes a picture of Soundwave with her cell phone, Soundwave responds to this by taking a picture of Jack, Miko, and Raf (possibly with the intention of passing it along with information of their connection with the Autobots onto his fellow Decepticons).

Soundwave is well aware of Starscream's treachery against Megatron, and on several occasions saved Megatron from his treacherous lieutanant. In "Masters & Students," Soundwave sent Laserbeak to make sure that Starscream retrieved the incapacitated Megatron from the Space Bridge wreckage while he witnesses Optimus's battle with Skyquake. In "Sick Mind" when Starscream and Knock Out conspire to euthanize the comatose Megatron, Soundwave at first appears to consider agreeing with the two, but points out the cord of Bumblebee's cortical psychic patch Bumblebee is hooked up to, and orders Megatron be put back online so that he will not have fallen by an Autobot's hand.

In "Rock Bottom" Megatron reveals he is aware of Starscream's ongoing treachery due to Soundwave having constant surveillance on the traitor and relaying his attempts of unsurping him. In "One Shall Rise" Pt. 3, acting Decepticon leader Airachnid, in order to not only secure her own power but also to escape Unicron's wrath, intends leave Megatron and Earth to die. Soundwave vetoes Airachnid's decision to have the Decepticons carry on without Megatron. Soundwave displayed unexpected combat skills and attacks her along with Laserbeak until she submits and takes control of the ship until Megatron returns. It is implied that although Megatron is made aware of Airachnid's attempted grab for power, he does not punish her until Soundwave reminds her of her treachery in the season 2 episode "Crossfire".

In "Orion Pax" Pt. 1, Megatron orders Soundwave to remove Arcee from the ship after she broke in to try to rescue Optimus Prime. Soundwave manages to opens a groundbridge to bridge her off, right before Orion saw her.

In "Triage", Soundwave hunts for an ancient Cybertronian relic. Having lost his minion Laserbeak, he continues the search on his own, fighting Wheeljack to claim the relic, the Resonance Blaster and defeat Wheeljack before he reclaims Laserbeak. He returns to the Nemesis with Megatron's prize, and is highly praised for it by Megatron, putting Knock Out and Dreadwing to shame who lost their relics to Arcee, Bumblebee and Starscream.


Soundwave appears in the novel Transformers: Exodus. He was one of Megatronus's opponents and nearly defeated him, however this instead brought respect between the two. Soundwave commanded the Mini-Cons Ravage, Rumble, Frenzy and Laserbeak, and joined Megatron as one of the Decepticons.

Soundwave appears in the short story Bumblebee at Tyger Pax by Alex Irvine.[2]


Soundwave appears in the 2010 video game Transformers: War for Cybertron as a playable character in the last three chapters of the Decepticon campaign. While Shockwave is established as Megatron's second-in-command, Soundwave is shown acting as Megatron's right hand during the campaign in Shockwave's absence.

Soundwave assists Megatron and Breakdown into infiltrating Iacon, defeating Zeta Prime, and hunting down Omega Supreme. He is also a boss in the Autobot campaign, being the warden of Kaon Prison in the Decepticons' capital city and using his tape cassettes Frenzy, Rumble and Laserbeak to attack. The Autobots manage to defeat him, but not before he delivers a fatal blow to Zeta Prime, absorbing what remained of his life force energy in order to regenerate his own strength, and then manages to escape before Optimus can finish him.

Aside from transforming into a Cybertronian truck, Soundwave can also turn into a boombox, as shown right before his boss battle, in the game's ending credits and a GameStop promotional commercial for the game featuring Shockwave.[3] In this mode, he plays the Stan Bush songs "The Touch" and "Till All Are One".


  • Generations Deluxe Cybertronian Soundwave (2010)
A new mold, based on his appearance on War for Cybertron.[4]
  • United UN05 Deluxe Soundwave Cybertron Mode (2010)
The Japanese version of the Generations figure by Takara Tomy is in a metallic repaint.
  • Prime Robots in Disguise Revealers Deluxe Soundwave with Laserbeak (2012)
A new Deluxe mold of Soundwave, which transforms into a UAV. A piece of his chest separates to form Laserbeak, which can mount on either of his hands.[5]
  • Prime: Beast Hunters Deluxe Soundwave with Ravage (2013)



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