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Solomus is a character featured in several branches of the Transformers franchise.


IDW Publishing

In The Transformers comic line from IDW Publishing, Solomus was introduced as a member of the Guiding Hand, the progenitors of the Transformer race. He and his brothers Adaptus, Epistemus, and Mortilus ruled Cybertron alongside Primus until Mortilus rebelled against the others. The resulting conflict brought about the end of the Guiding Hand, though the noble members continued to live on in various forms. Solomus in particular was imprisoned by Mortilus in a small vessel that was later reshaped into the Matrix of Leadership, through which Solomus-the embodiment of wisdom-could share his insight with worthy holders and also connect them with Primus.

Fun Publications

In various realities, Solomus was a member of the Thirteen Primes, another group of ancient Transformers who succeeded the Guiding Hand in the IDW continuity. Once again Solomus was kindly and wise; indeed, it was suggested that he might be the same being in some realities as Alpha Trion, a similar figure among other incarnations of the Thirteen. [1] [2] He-or an incarnation of him-appeared among the other Thirteen when Nexus Prime was in the process of more firmly dividing the multiversal streams from each other using the Terminus Blade and the Star Saber, and was thus divided into multiple selves by Nexus' efforts.