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Mego Solarion box
First appearance Micronauts volume 1 issue 10 by Marvel Comics
Affiliation Baron Karza
References Micronauts

Solarion (also called Scorpion) is a fictional vehicle in the Micronauts series introduced in 1979.


Solarion are small space vehicles in the Micronauts series.


Mego released the Solarion is 1979. It was also released by Airfix, Gig and Grand Toys.

In 2018 several parts for Solarion were released on Shapeways by Mathew Robert Ignash.


1979 Marvel Comics

A Solarion appeared among Baron Karza's forces attacking Spartak in Micronauts issue 10.

In issue 51 when the Bioship fled Homeworld, Baron Karza sent a fleet of Solarion fighter craft in pursuit. They fired photon torpedoes on the Bioship.

2002 Image Comics

Various Micronauts vehicles in Karza issue 2 by Image Comics

A Solarion was seen among a number of vehicles in a hanger in Karza issue 2 by Image Comics.


  • Mego Micronauts Solarion (1979)
A 1:18 scale vehicle.
Includes the Torque Twister Motor used on the Ultronic Scooter and other vehicles.
This toy was remolded and recolored into the Lion Rock Bat Shuttle, Spider Mobile and Shuttle Glider.
  • Airfix Micronauts Scorpion
  • Gig Micronauti Solarion
A release of the Mego toy in Italy by Gig.
  • Grand Toys Micronauts Solarion
A release of the Mego toy in Canada in English/French packaging by Grand Toys.


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