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Transformers character
Name Snarler
Series Transformers: Generation 1
Alternate modes Robotic boar
Function Assault Warrior
Gender Male
Motto "Stealing isn't a crime, getting caught is."
Sub-group Pretender Beasts

Snarler is a fictional character from the Transformers series.

Transformers: Generation 1

Fictional biography

A selfish, obnoxious master of destruction. Does everything for himself. Refuses to follow orders. Transforms to boar with front-mounted, razor-tipped drill that drains enemy fuel supplies. Horns on outer shell equipped with sonar distorters that disrupt the flow of cerecral impulses and rupture enemy circuitry. Also equipped with armored hide on outer shell and a 30mm submachine gun in his tail. In robot Mode, armed with programmable explosive shell rotary cannon. Range: 6 miles.


Dreamwave Productions

Snarler and Carnivac worked for Starscream and his Predacons. They attempted to disrupt the peace treaty between several of the other factions, but wound up biting off more than they could chew when the united Autobot, Ultracon, and Decepticon forces turned against them.

Fun Publications

Snarler appeared in Invasion Prologue by Fun Publications as one of the troops under the command of Overlord.[1]

IDW Publishing

After the return of Megatron, Snarler was among the Decepticons who rioted in the streets of new Iacon.


  • Generation 1 Pretender Beast Snarler
A new mold.


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