Shockwave (TransTech)

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Transformers character
Transtech Shockwave concept art
Name Shockwave
English voice actor Chris Ho
Alternate modes Cybertronian Low Rider
Gender Male
Motto "Fascinating. Tell me, would you describe the sensation as a searing pain, or is it more of a rending sensation?"
Sub-group Transtechs

Shockwave is a fictional character from the Transformers series. He is a Decepticon from the TransTech story.


Transtech Shockwave received a full-page biography in issue #22 of the Transformers Collectors Club Magazine. He used to work for the renegade Decepticon Jhiaxus as a scientist, but after Jhiaxus was destroyed was brought in by Megatron as a prisoner. Initially put on trial for war crimes he was freed by Megatron, who argued to Sentinel Prime that Shockwave's mind would be an invaluable asset to them. Shockwave is a morally ambiguous Transtech with few actual weapons, in favor of a great number of in-built tools he uses for his craft.

Fun Publications

Shockwave appeared in the 2008 BotCon voice actor play Bee in the City, voiced by Chris Ho also known as Vangelus. In this story Professor Sumdac attempted to create a teleportation system to get the Autobots to Cybertron, but an interaction with Sari Sumdac's key ended up transporting Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and Sari to Transtech Cybertron, where they met Flareup and were detained by Shockwave. Bumblebee teamed up with Beast Wars Megatron to free his comrades, but then had to stop him from taking the key for himself. Afterwards the Autobots and Sari returned to their own dimension.

Transtech Shockwave appeared in story Transcendent, where he kidnapped Breakaway for Transtech Megatron. After Shockwave discovered that certain systems in Breakaway were unique and might be useful Megatron requested permission from Transtech Ratbat to take the Autobot apart, even it may kill him.[1] When Alpha Trion's forces raided the lab to free Skyfall Megatron opposed them, but they escaped to another dimension.[2]


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