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Sharkos is a fictional character from the Micronauts series introduced in 1980.


Sharkos is a fictional character or vehicle in the Micronauts series.

In a Mego catalog an Antron can be seen piloting Sharkos.[1]

The commercial with Sharkos depicted Sharkos being piloted by Lobros.[2]


Sharkos concept art depicted it as more shark shaped and blue/grey in color.[3]

Prototypes of Sharkos features a pointy dorsal fin. This fin can be seen on the box art and in advertising, but the final product features a blunted dorsal fin.

In 2018 several parts for Sharkos were released on Shapeways by Mathew Robert Ignash.

Fictional biography

"The Silent Predator From The Underwater World Of Isaurus"


1979 Marvel Comics

A toy Antron and Sharkos attack Bug in Micronauts Annual 2

A toy Antron riding a toy Sharkos appeared in the Marvel Comics Micronauts Annual 2, where it attacked Bug under the direction of Toymaster.

When Marvel lost the license to Micronauts it included losing the rights to Sharkos, and they have not appeared again the Marvel Universe.

Note: The depiction of Antron and Sharkos drawn as a mirror image of the Sharkos box art, even including the pointed prototype dorsal fin.

2016 IDW Publishing

In the IDW Publishing series Sharkos was the name of the ship used by Membros and his crew. The ship resembled a large version of the toy.[4]


  • Mego Micronauts Sharkos (1980)
Comes with 2 pectoral fins, seat (a remold of the seat from the Taurion), dorsal fin, rudder, rudder adapter, motor and propeller (based on the one from the Hydro Copter). It also features a black seat adapter (recolor of the one with Time Traveler).
Although advertised, this toy was very rare in the US, with most of the stock being diverted for sale by Gig.
  • Gig Micronauti Sharkos
A release of Sharkos in Italy by Gig.



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