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iGear character
iGear Shafter toy
Created by

iGear, TFcon and X-Transbots
Aliases Shaftor
Species Transformer
Relatives Axis (spark-brother)


Seibertron warrior
Alternate mode

Semi-truck cab

Hard Worker (TFcon 2012 program biography)
Erections Specialist (online biography)

"Make it big, make it strong, make it last!" (TFcon 2012 program biography)
"I'm big where it counts!" (online biography)
Tech specs

ST07 IN09 SP05 EN09

RN04 CO09 FP07 SK10

Shafter is a fictional character and third-party Transformer homage to Generation 1 Erector created by iGear for TFcon 2012. A second toy of Shafter was made by X-Transbots for TFcon 2014. He is also sometimes called Shaftor.


Shafter is an homage to the Transformers Autobot Erector created by iGear as a TFcon 2012 exclusive and by X-Transbots as to TFcon 2014 exclusive.

According to his tech specs Shafter is incredibly brave, as well as being intelligent and strong. He lacks speed and endurance.

According to officials from TFcon Shafter's left gun is named James Westfall and the right one is named Dr. Kenneth Noisewater. This is a reference to the 2004 film Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy.

Box art for iGear Shafter was done by Silas Zee.[1]


The iGear Shafter is a recolor of Rager, who was designed by Cassy Sark.

In April 2012 TFcon announced that one of their 2012 exclusive figures would be a recolor of Rager called Shafter.[2]

The first images of Shafter were released in May 2012.[3]

Shafter was released at TFcon in July 2012.

The X-Transbots Shafter is a recolor of X-Transbots Krank.


The WTF@TFW podcast for May 24th, 2012 selected a picture of Shafter as one of the New Picture Picks.[4]

In a multi-forum survey taken at the end of 2012 the Rager/Shafter was judged to be the second best third-party Transformer of 2012 that cost under $50.[5]

Shafter was featured in the 2013 toy reference book Transforming Collections by Philip Reed.[6]

Fictional biography

Shafter has two biographies printed. The first came from the TFcon 2012 program.

When his teammates need something special built, they call Shafter. After a stunning defeat and exile from the Savage Land, Shafter was determined to redeem himself. Called on by Stronghold to completely redesign all fortifications after the breakout of Toxin and his companions, Shafter is hard at work making sure every possible hole is plugged tight. His small size allows him to access many areas others can’t, but belies a strength that allows him to accomplish even the hardest jobs. Shafter’s mastery of civil engineering allows him to construct a solution from the ground up, drawing inspiration from the monuments of his home world and the wonders he’s found on Earth. Shafter’s abilities at design aren’t just limited to blueprints, either, and his cunning strategies have turned defeat into victory numerous times. Even with all his defensive skills, Shafter is no stranger to the front lines. Shafter is durable enough for the most toughest jobsite, and can shrug off enemy fire while “giving as good as he gets” with his powerful hydraulic arms or his induction rivet-guns. Shafter intends to make sure that the next enemy spy looking for trouble finds a lot more than they bargain for, and to prove once and for all that great things can come from small packages.

A second biography was printed online

Nobody works a crane like Shaftor. Whether he’s laying pipe, drilling deep, or just working the trenches, Shaftor makes his presence known. While the size of his package comes at a surprise to many, his performance always impresses in the end. Renowned for his cunning, Shaftor manages to keep his head even in sticky situations, and manages to come out on top with style where many others would pull out at the climax. Hard as rock on his own, Shaftor’s tough enough to last as long as it takes, and with his trailer he’s even better. With its crane he has no trouble placing even the largest of rigid members or managing an erection at a moment’s notice. In battle station, Shaftor can move into the right position and then launch a spray of flak into the surprised faces of incoming aircraft, or lob a massive load from his cannon deep into the enemy’s most sensitive areas. Even when defenses look impregnable, Shaftor’s ingenuity and know-how finds just the right hole, and he provides protective cover while his comrades plunge deep into the breach. At his core, Shaftor is more of a lover than a fighter, but until the day comes when he can settle down, he’s more than willing to tear a new exhaust port for anyone who gets in the way.

X-Transbots had a new biography for their version of Shafter on their toy box.

It’s been a long and hard road for SHAFTER. Travelling from one time stream to another, visiting one “Animated” world, another “Primed” for action, while keeping one at “Bay” so that the powers that be don’t spill over into each other. SHAFTER has been changing and engineering a new body for himself to match his surroundings. He has seen some crazy stuff, and somehow his spark still keeps it all together. Back in the early days on his home planet, SHAFTER was originally considered for the HERCULES sub-group due to his amazing body re-engineering skills and some even rumor he might have helped with the early concepts of combiner technology. Cool, calm and collected, Shafter a real ladies’ bot, but if you cross him, you might end up on the receiving end of his CRAGUN; a chromed out pistol that while might be small, packs enough punch to take out even the most aggressive Destron. He currently is carrying a rivalry with AXIS, the only Destron to sport the C-14 body type.

TFcon comics

Shafter was a main character in the TFcon 2012 comic story "Hardworker". In this story he rescues Garrison from Shadow Bat then meets up with a group of displaced Seibertron warriors.[7]

Shafter was a main character in the TFcon 2014 comic story "The Dark Warrior". In this story is he reformatted into a new body by Mainframe and Push-Button in the Zone Base. When a Destron energy signature is detected in the Ironworks sector Shafter goes to confront the invader, Axis.[8]


  • iGear Shafter (2012)
A recolor of Rager, colored to look like Generation 1 Erector. Turns from robot to semi-truck. He comes with two guns and is packaged in a box with a collector card. Limited to 500 pieces sold exclusively at TFcon 2012. [9]
This toy shares a mold with Black Rager and Tubes.
  • X-Transbots Shafter (2014)
A recolor of Krank, colored to look like Generation 1 Erector.
Turns from a 6.25 inch tall robot to semi-truck. Comes with two guns.
This figure was remolded into Hoss, Stax and Axis.



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