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The Seacons are a trio Decepticon/Predacon subgroups from the Transformers franchise, with one group known to combine into Piranacon while the others combine into King Poseidon and God Neptune. The three groups consist of the same figures with different color schemes, though the team that forms God Neptune lacks one of the six featured in the other two.


Generation 1

Animated series

Neither group of Seacons appeared in The Transformers American series, but the original six Seacons-in their united form of Piranacon/God Neptune-appeared in Transformers: Zone as one of Violenjiger's Nine Great Generals. Seacons were also featured as drone legions led by Turtler in Transformers: Super-God Masterforce, with King Poseidon being formed when Turtler combined with one of each drone type.

The second group of Seacons, also known as the Seacon Space Pirates, had only five members and first appeared as a rogue group in Beast Wars II. Cybershark's tech spec also mentioned that he was originally a bounty hunter, and that his targets included a group of Cybertronian space pirates; this is undoubtedly intended as a references to this group of Seacons.


3H Enterprises/Fun Publications

A version of the Seacons appeared as part of Unicron's forces in Transformers: Universe, menacing the Maximal Depth Charge in the final issue of the series. The original Seacons later appeared in Transformers: Timelines fiction, infiltrating Bludgeon's forces before killing him on the orders of Megatron. Following the destruction of the Classics universe with the exception of its Earth, the Seacons were shown to have survived aboard the Talon, Megatron's ship, only for two of their number to perish due to radiation after being sent on a scouting mission. After their coloration is altered by Energon-absorbing armor, they are joined by the reprogrammed Autobot Protoform who becomes known as Scylla, and are thus able to form the new Combiner God Neptune.

A version of Scylla whose appearance was based on Transformers: Cybertron Thunderblast also appeared in Beast Wars: Uprising.

Shattered Glass

Heroic versions of the Seacons were featured as part of Deathsaurus' Mayhem Suppression Squad in "Transformers: Shattered Expectations."