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Unique Toys character
Unique Toys Savagebull box
First appearance

Re-Evolution by C Z Hazard
Created by

Unique Toys
Release number

Aliases War Bison
Species Transformer


Alternate mode

Robotic bull/leg

"I can't stand for one second without destruction."

Savagebull is a fictional character and third-party Transformer homage to Generation 1 Tantrum created by Unique Toys in 2013.

Unique Toys

Savagebull is a third-party Transformer homage to Generation 1 Tantrum created by Unique Toys. He turns from a humanoid robot to a robotic bull and becomes the right leg of War Lord. He was initially called War Bison in fiction and promotional material, but Unique Toys released the toy under the name Savagebull.

Other third-party homages to Tantrum include Mastermind Creations Bovis.


The Beasticons are based on Takara art of Predaking that was printed in Comic Bon Bon magazine and a custom created by TFW2005 member rosedjs.[1]

Unique Toys teased War Bison in an image with a motto on their Facebook page in December 2012.[2]

In May 2013 Robot Kingdom posted unpainted color images of Savagebull on their Facebook page.

Savagebull was released in July 2013.


In the Cybercast podcast for July 6th, 2013 the hosts talked about the Unique Toys Savagebull in the news.[3]

Fictional biography

Savagebull is never a reasonable guy. It seem that anger is the only emotion he has, and he always dashes around madly to give vent to his fury, which makes other thinking there is something wrong with his circuitry. He has amazingly good stamina and thick amor, and he can store surplus fuel to supply his teammates. He makes mistakes constantly for his lack of intelligence.


War Bison appeared in the 2013 story Re-Evolution by C Z Hazard. In the story War Rhino, War Panther and War Bison discovered they were being spied on by Ironpaw.


  • Unique Toys UT-W03 Savagebull (2013)
An original mold by Unique Toys. Turns from a humanoid robot to robotic bull or becomes the right leg of War Lord. Comes with a sword, cannons, collector card and instructions/comic. The cannons feature LED lights.



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