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Satellite Penitentiary is a prison facility featured in the Transformers franchise.


Generation 1

Animated series

In Transformers: Victory, the Satellite Penitentiary is a prison moon around the planet Micro that is covered with lava, which the inmates of the prison were employed to harvest energy from. Said prisoners were among the worst of the worst the galaxy had to offer, including the sadistic Breast Force member Gaihawk, and were kept on a minimum ration of energy to prevent them from escaping or causing harm. However, the prison facility was virtually destroyed when the other members of the Breast Force broke in to rescue Gaihawk, who was recharged with help from Hellbat and engaged Greatshot in battle. All parties managed to escape, with Gaihawk rejoining his teammates while the Autobots evacuated the other surviving inmates.



In Transformers Animated: The AllSpark Almanac II, the Satellite Penitentiary of one reality was the prison of the Combatibots, villains and components of Toxitron who were freed by a version of Starscream to further his own ambitions.