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Runamuck is a character featured in several branches of the Transformers franchise.


Generation 1

The original Runamuck was a Decepticon and member of the Battle Chargers.


  • Runamuck (1986)
Later remolded into Runabout.
  • Collectors Club Runamuck (2012)
A repaint/remold of Collectors Club Over-Run, Reveal the Shield and Shattered Glass Tracks, and Generations Wheeljack.
  • Adventure Runamuck (2015)
A repaint/remold of Combiner Wars Rodimus.

Unicron Trilogy

The Unicron Trilogy also featured a Decepticon Runamuck.


  • Cybertron Runamuck (2005)
A remold of Transformers: Armada Sideswipe.


The Transformers film series toy lines also featured a Runamuck figure.

  • Runamuck (2009)
A repaint of Legends Movie Jazz.