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Steel Magnum
Renderform character
Steel Magnum toy
Created by

Release number

RFX-008E, RFX-008R, RFX-008S
Species Transformer

Alternate mode


Steel Magnum is a third-party Transformer set made by Renderform in 2014.


A replacement head for FansProject Steel Core.

The new Renderform Steel Magnum and Iron Magnum heads are now up for preorder! These heads can be used with Fansproject’s Steelcore to give it a new look. Inspired by the Armada Overload/Energon Ultra Magnus figure, these heads can give Steelcore an updated Ultra Magnus look. The Iron Magnum head is based on the original prototype shown at TFCon 2012, and the Steel Magnum head is based on an updated custom design. Both heads are available in Steelcore colors, or Energon Ultra Magnus colors.
Missed out on the Renderform head kits FansProject‘s Steelcore? Here is another chance, with the RFX-008R Red Guard set featuring the Steel Magnum head in red, blue face, yellow crest, and translucent green eyes. This set also comes with a green Fury Blade, and is limited to only 25 sets, with a very special pricing of $25 each! Thats $10 off buying the original two items separately. If you missed out on the original Red Sentinel kit, here is your last chance for a red themed Steelcore head.


Steel Magnum was released in 2014 in two colors.

Red Guard was released in 2015.


The RetroRobotRadio podcast for September 27th, 2014 discussed the Renderform Steel Magnum and Iron Magnum in the news.[1]


  • Renderform RFX-008E Steel Magnum Energy Edition (2014)
Comes with a grey head.
Limited to 100 pieces.
  • Renderform RFX-008S Steel Magnum Steel Edition (2014)
Comes with a blue head.
Limited to 150 pieces.
  • Renderform RFX-008R Red Guard (2015)
Comes with a red head and translucent green Fury Blade.
This head matches well with the Ruthen Core.
Limited to 25 pieces.


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