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The Raptoricons are a group of Transformers which raptor-themed alternate modes.

Transformers: Timelines

In the Transformers: Of Masters and Mayhem storyline from Fun Publications, the story Transformers: Life Finds a Way introduced the all-female group of Raptoricons with the transformation code Fossilize:

  • Thrashclaw-leader, blue colored
  • Slice-sniper, black colored
  • Gnash-incapable of normal speech, green colored
  • Shred-small, white-feathered

Thrashclaw and Slice had once been mercenaries working for the Kolkular Powerbase crime syndicate on Cybertron, but grew tired of their superiors' ambitions. After recruiting Shred, a former Autobot, they rescued Gnash from a laboratory where she had been experimented on, and eventually took refuge on a planet inhabited by Vespoids and possessing high levels of Energon. In order to survive, they used local technology to scan the forms of local species of raptor, a few of several species of dinosaur found on the planet. Unbeknownst to them, however, their ship landed atop a large source of a bizarre strain of Energon that the Vespoids relied upon to survive, and that Gnash needed in order to function properly.

The group lost contact with Cybertron after its destruction by Thunder Mayhem, but met another Cybertronian in the form of Fractyl, whom they rescued from the Vespoids. The insectoid beings later attacked their camp en masse, and captured Gnash, prompting Thrashclaw and Slice to go after her while Shred assisted Fractyl with an investigation. The geochemist soon learned of the nature of the "Greenergon," and adopted a pterodactyl beast mode in order to recruit some of the creatures for help in transporting a large amount to the Vespoid nest. With peace established between the Raptoricons and Vespoids, they soon bid farewell to Fractyl as he was recruited by Impactor to join a new team of Wreckers, and declined his offer to join him in departing the planet.