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The Proudstar is the ship of Nova Prime and the central plot point of the game Transformers: Devastation.


In the game, the Proudstar was an Autobot vessel that departed the planet Cybertron before the Great War with powerful cyberforming technology to shape uninhabited worlds into planets capable of supporting colonies of Transformers. It also carried the Ferrotaxis, a supercomputer that ran the technology and carried an extensive database of Cybertronian culture and history, much of which was subsequently lost on Cybertron due to the clash between Autobots and Decepticons. During its mission, the Proudstar was intercepted by Unicron, whose evil corrupted Nova Prime and his crew and caused them to start cyberforming inhabited worlds. They eventually crash-landed on Earth, with Nova Prime going into stasis; the Proudstar was eventually found and taken control of by Megatron. Fortunately, the Autobots managed to thwart their plans for the ship though at the cost of its power core and database; Nova Prime was also awakened from stasis with intentions unknown.