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The Decepticon Secret Police is an organization in the Transformers franchise that serves as a law-enforcement group among the Decepticons. In the Beast Wars series it was reformed into or succeeded by the Predacon Secret Police.


Generation 1

Animated series

In "The Agenda," Tarantulas was revealed to be a member of the Predacon Secret Police by Ravage, whom he assisted in the capture of Megatron.

IDW Publishing

Transformers: Dawn of the Predacus revealed that Tarantulas served as a member of the Secret Police as far back as the end of the Great War.

Unicron Trilogy

Fun Publications

In a version of the Beast Wars that took place in a Unicron Trilogy reality, Sky Shadow served as a member of the Predacon Secret Police and was dispatched to prehistoric Earth to capture Megatron in a role similar to Ravage in the Generation 1 continuity. [1]


Generation 1

Unicron Trilogy