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Powered Commander
FansProject character
Powered Commander box
First appearance

TFcon comic "Changes in War"
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Release number

Species Transformer


Autobot, Seibertron Warrior
Alternate mode

Semi-truck and trailer

Heavy Support Convoy, Seibertron - Field Sub-Commander

"I CAN deal with that now!", "A war is coming... a great war... I don't know if we can stop it..."

Powered Commander is a fictional character and third-party Transformer homage to Powered Convoy and Delta Magnus made by FansProject in 2009 as an exclusive for TFcon.


Powered Commander is an homage to Delta Magnus. He was released exclusively at TFcon 2009.

Powered Commander is depicted in fiction as a repurpose of the Henkei Convoy toy with the Powered Commander armor.


FansProject announced their Powered Commander and G3 Trailer in March 2009.[1]

Powered Commander was released at TFcon 2009.

Art from the TFcon 2011 comic with Powered Commander, Stronghold, Toxin in it was posted online in August 2011.[2]


The TFWire podcast episode #153 for October 19th, 2008 had a segment devoted to Shadow Commander. The host Jesse wondered if they would see a recolor in Diaclone colors.[3]

The TFormers Podcast for April 5th, 2009 discussed the Powered Commander in the news.[4]

The [email protected] podcast for May 14th, 2009 selected the drama over the release of D.I.A. Commander and Powered Commander as one of it's topics.[5]

Powered Commander was featured in the 2013 toy reference book Transforming Collections by Philip Reed.[6]

Fictional biography

With the departure of the Ark, and with it, the finest soldiers of the Autobot cause, there was a dire need for new units, as well as new heroes, to fight the growing Decepticon menace. Numerous projects were attempted under Deep Cover, including the Defense Intelligence Agency Clone (D.I.A. Clone) program, which produced Powered Commander. A duplicate of the legendary Autobot leader Optimus Prime, complete with much of his memory and combat experience, Powered Commander was also capable of merging with an exo-skeletal armor system, turning him into a walking arsenal. This technology was later adapted to build the Autobot City Commander Ultra Magnus, but by then Powered Commander has long since departed Cybertron, roving from planet to planet as the great war spread, delivering much needed supplies and leadership to a scattered Autobot resistance. After ages of burning a path of justice through the cold regions of Decepticon space, Powered Commander reached a small blue planet called Earth, and found the lost Autobot heroes, alive and still fighting their ancient adversaries. Making the island nation of Japan his base of operations, Powered Commander has vowed to end the Decepticon menace once and for all, and to carry peace back to his homeworld, as he before carried energon and hope to his comrades.

Abilities: The mental imprint of Optimus Prime, combined with a lifetime of combat, have developed Powered Commander into a seasoned general and cunning leader. Combined with his trailer, he becomes a juggernaut on the battlefield, nearly impervious to harm and armed with shoulder-mounted pressurized liquid helium missiles and a giant particle accelerator cannon. Furthermore, his reactor systems have been designed to store great deals of energy, and he carries even more precious fuel in his satchel to sustain himself for lang travels through space and to supply comrades he meets along the way.

Weaknesses: Though heavily armored, Powered Commander is built for endurance, not speed. Also, although he can recharge others, his abilities to repair are limited. Additionally, a side-effect of the D.I.A. Clone process has left him confused as to the origin of some of his memories, causing him to believe he is, in fact, the original Transformer, Optimus Prime (a problem that led to the scrapping of the imprinting process during the construction of Ultra Magnus). It is unknown as to whether this will lead to problems now that the two Titans are together on Earth.


FansProject comics

The comics included with City Commander, called "Orion", and Shadow Commander, called "Shadow" depict characters in colors similar to those of Powered Commander.

TFcon comics

Powered Commander appeared in the comic released for the 2010 TFcon called "Nightbird Rebirth". In the story Nightbird and Anarchy attempt to steal the Master Cannons from the Autobots. Anarchy flies Nightbird to spaceship Maximus where she sneaks past the Autobots Canadian Patriot, R.E.V., Powered Commander, Deep Cover, Proto and Flash. She kills Flamethrower to get to the Master Sword, which she uses to reformat her body to a form based on Valkyrie, then escapes.[7]

Powered Commander appeared in the comic released for the 2011 TFcon, called "Changes in War". This story is set on the planet Master before the events of Transformers: The Headmasters. Powered Commander is among the Autobots who try and fail to stop Scorponok and his allies from escaping.[8]

Powered Commander is a character in the TFcon 2012 comic story "Hardworker". In this story a group on Seibertron warriors are displaced to Earth during the Masterforce Wars. They are discovered by Garrison and Shafter.[9]

Powered Commander appeared in the TFcon 2009 convention poster "Universe Divided" by Alex Milne.[10]

Other appearances

Powered Commander appeared as a guest of TFcon 2009 and earning the jealousy of Ultra Magnus in the online comic Lil Formers #143.[11]

Nightbird and Powered Commander appeared in an unofficial promotion for TFcon 2010 by GeneralTekno.[12]


  • FansProject TFX-01R Powered Commander (2009)
A TFcon exclusive based on their earlier City Commander toy, painted in the colors of the Diaclone toy Powered Convoy. This armor works with Classic Voyager Optimus Prime and other toys based on his mold. Comes with a suitcase containing 7 energon pieces. Limited to 500 pieces.[13]
This toy was recolored into D.I.A. Commander.



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