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TFC Toys character
Perseus box in combined mode
Created by

TFC Toys
Aliases Perses
Species Transformer

Alternate mode

6 robots
Tech specs

ST10 IN04 SP04 EN07

RN05 CO09 FB08 SK06

Perseus is a fictional character made by TFC Toys in 2013 as a third-party Transformer. He is an homage to the Shattered Glass Constructicons.

TFC Toys

Perseus is an homage to the Shattered Glass Constructicons. Although his mold is identical to that of Hercules, he is depicted with the limbs swapped left to right from Hercules usual configuration.

According to his tech specs Perseus is among the strongest of Transformers. He also nearly fearless and packs impressive firepower. He skill and endurance is slightly above average, but he is a bit slow, both physically and mentally.


In March 2012 a poll was held on behalf of TFC Toys on the TFW2005 forums asking what the recolor of Hercules should be. The winner was "Shattered Glass".[1]

In May 2012 a teaser image of a Shattered Glass Hercules recolor was posted on the Planet Iacon Facebook page.[2]

In August 2012, TFC Toys displayed the first example of a Shattered Glass inspired Hercules recolor called Perses.[3]

Robot Kingdom and TFC Toys later confirmed the name of the toy was Perseus.


The [email protected] podcast for May 4th, 2012 selected the teaser for Shattered Glass Hercules as one of the New Picture Picks.[4]

The [email protected] podcast for August 17th, 2012 selected Perseus as one of the New Picture Picks.[5]

The Radio Free Cybertron podcast for January 30th, 2013 discussed Perseus as part of their Third Party Roundup.[6]


  • Reprolabels Heroic Decepticon Emblems (2009)
A set of Decepticon symbol labels in red. A Captured Prey exclusive.[7]
  • TFC Toys Perseus (2013)
A recolor of Dr. Crank, Exgraver, Heavy Labor, Madblender, Neckbreaker and Structor. Also includes a recolor of the Rage of the Hercules set. Comes with collector cards and instructions. Limited to 2000 pieces.



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