Overlord DVD

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Overlord DVD
The Future Ruler of Earth!
Hosted by Dicktor Van Doomcock
Genre Science Fiction
Debut October 10, 2017
Provider YouTube
Website https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeCJB88u93eq91U0rlJsW-A

Overlord DVD, hosted by Dicktor Van Doomcock, is a YouTube channel devoted to reviewing science fiction films and television series.


Doomcock is the online personality which hosts Overlord DVD, a YouTube channel which reviews science fiction films, television and most pop culture.


Born : 1849 to Ato Van-Doom-Han and Dora Lichtenstein in Prussia. Age :168+ , He broadcasts from Xanadoom, his headquarters at the center of the Earth and has dedicated his life to taking over the world. His Complete interview by other Youtube personality's : Midnights-edge-After-dark : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ilAl-FFKCUQ


"Harvey" Cthuhlu, An eldritch god with a gifted fez whom Doomcock met while looking for otherworldly beings to aid him in his cause of world domination. "Harvey" often joins Doomcock in his film and television reviews, providing counterpoints and insights. "Harvey" resides in its OWN dimension and is NOT a prisoner. What is seen, is a containment field set up by Doomcock to stop "Harvey" from getting through. A rip made by Doomcock in the dimensional fabric that separates or reality's a "Window" with Harvey peering through the other side at us. Harvey intends to Rampage and destroy the universe. His friendship, promises to destroy the World, and save Doomcock for last.

Film reviews

Ghost busters 2016 : [1]

Star Wars: The Last Jedi : [2]


Television reviews

STAR TREK IS DEAD - IS THE ORVILLE ITS HEIR? [4] THE EXPANSE AS THE BEST SCI-FI ON TV! [5] Star Trek: Discovery, which he called "an epic fail" and "an ungodly abomination". DOOMCOCK REACTS! STAR TREK DISCOVERY EXPOSED AS A FRAUD! [6]


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