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Nixon Kitimoi
Kitimoi at the 6th Economic Growth Forum 2022
Born 21 August 1996 (1996-08-21) (age 27)
Nationality Uganda, Kenya
Citizenship Ugandan
Education MAT ABACUS Business School (formerly, Management and Accountancy Training), Kampala (ACCA)
Occupation Investment Manager, Investor, Financier
Employer 1Stock Limited, Pal and Lisa
Net worth $100 million
Title Chief Investment Officer, Director

Nixon Kitimoi (born 21 August 1996), is a Ugandan - Kenyan Investment Manager, Investor and Financier.

Kitimoi serves as the Chief Investment Officer of 1Stock Limited;[1][2] an investment management company that oversees over $70 million in Assets Under Management and Capital Commitments.[3]

1Stock Limited's hedge fund, The Reaper Fund, was one of the nominees of the Global Hedge Fund Awards by Eurekahedge, under the Best New European Hedge Fund Category, which recognised the top performing hedge funds in 2018.[4]

Kitimoi also serves as a General Partner of 1Stock, LLC, Partner of Network VC[5] and Director of Pal and Lisa; an organisation with interests in education, professional services, land banking, agriculture and real estate. He is also one of the shareholders of Vule Airways.

Nixon Kitimoi is reported to have a net worth of over $100 million as of 2023.[6]

Family and religion

Kitimoi is the son of Fixon Okonye Akonya (PhD), the first Internal Auditor General in the Ugandan Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development[7] and Chief of the Ikinomu Clan in Teso, and Mariam Kizza Okonye (PhD), a Principal Accountant in the Government of Uganda.

Kitimoi is a Christian.

Early life and education

Kitimoi was born in 1996 in the Central Region of Uganda. He attended Hillside Primary School and Kampala Parents' School for his primary education before joining King's College Budo and later Vienna College Namugongo for his high school education, excelling in his studies together with the start of a semi - professional rugby career with the Toyota Buffaloes rugby club in Uganda, coupled with representing Uganda in the Under-19 Rugby Afrique tournament in Zimbabwe.

He then went on to attain the ACCA qualification[8] and other courses and professional certifications from various prestigious international universities and institutions.

Investment Portfolio

As of March 2023, Kitimoi has a diverse investment portfolio owing to syndicated investment funds and special purpose vehicles. These investments include but are not limited to;[9]

• Patreon (valued at $4 billion[10])

• Chipper Cash (valued at $2 billion[11])

• Privé Technologies[12] (valued at $243 million)

• Muncher[13] (valued at $190 million)

• Pal and Lisa Schools

• Pal and Lisa Club

• SpeedSize[14] (valued at $100 million)

• Accern[15] (valued at $90 million)

• HyPoint (acquired by ZeroAvia;[16] valued at $80 million)

• Mobalytics[17] (valued at $75 million)

• Spin Technology (valued at $55 million[18])

• namecoach[19] (valued at $50 million)

• 1Stock Residences[20]

• Vule Airways

Additional affiliations

Kitimoi has participated in a number of conferences; most notable being; the Uganda High Level Economic Growth Forums,[21][22] the Uganda CFO Forums,[23][24] and the EROVO Impact Investment Conferences,[25]discussing topics and themes in alternative investments, business development, sustainable and development finance and economic growth and development.

In addition, 1Stock Limited is a member of the Uganda Development Forum; an alliance of State and Non-State Actors, who are working together to sustainably contribute to Uganda's socio-economic transformation. The Uganda Development Forum provides a unique collaborative environment within which members and partners connect with like-minded experts and practitioners, share insights, gain fresh perspectives, on socio-economic transformation, or collaborate on initiatives that create development impact in Uganda.

Furthermore, Kitimoi works closely with DelMorgan & Co., a US based investment bank that provides financial services to governments and institutions around the world.[26][27]


• Kitimoi was a nominee of the 2024 50 Under 40 Leading African Investors in Entrepreneurship, by the Africa Investment Leaders Forum.[28]

• Kitimoi was a nominee of the 2024 Global Startup Awards, under the Investor of the Year category.

• Kitimoi was one of the 2024 Africa's Under 40 CEOs, received a Honorary Doctorate from Prowess University, Delaware, USA, and Membership to the Global Institute of Leadership and Governance, South Africa.[29][30]

• Kitimoi was selected as one of the 2024 100 Most Influential Young Africans, by the Pan African Youth Leadership Foundation.[31][32]

• Kitimoi was also one of the 2024 Forty Under 40 Africa winners under the Banking and Finance category.[33]

• Kitimoi was one of the nominees of the 2022 Ugandan CFO Awards organised by the ACCA, under the Young CFO Award category.[34][35] He has also been nominated for the Global Hedge Fund Awards by Eurekahedge in 2019.

• Kitimoi was an East African Regional Finalist of the Global Startup Awards in 2023 under Best Venture Capitalist, Startup of the Year and Founder of the Year. He was also nominated for the 2021 Global Startup Awards under Startup of the Year, Founder of the Year and Best Newcomer of the Year.

• Kitimoi was one of the winners of the Design an Advert competition for BATA in 2006.[36]


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