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Night Ops SFX
Perfect Effect character
Night Ops SFX box
Created by

Perfect Effect
Release number

Species Transformer

Alternate mode

Three robots

The Night Ops SFX is a team of fictional characters and third-party Transformers made by Perfect Effect for TFcon 2011.

Perfect Effect

Night Ops SFX is a third-party Transformer homage to Reflector made by Perfect Effect in 2011.



TFcon comics

Toxin appeared in the comic released for the 2011 TFcon, called "Changes in War". Set on the planet Master before the events of Transformers: The Headmasters The Night Ops SFX team excapes with Zarak and his minions.[1]

The Night Ops SFX team appeared in the comic released for the 2013 TFcon, called "Lost World, Lost Mind". In the story the GoBits Roswell and Van Guardian are swept away against their will and meet Anarchy, Bullet, Decepticharge, Edge, Night-Bird, Project Z, Prototype X, Shield and Toxin.[2]


  • Perfect Effect PE-11X Night Ops SFX (2011)
A TFcon 2012 exclusive recolor of the Scouting Force X. The box of the Night Ops SFX is identical to that for the Scouting Force X, with a sticker added.



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