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Newage Toys is a toy company that specializes in third-party Transformer toy.



  • No.01G Director Gremlin (Goldbug)
  • No.01K Commander Critter (BotCon Bug Bite)


  • No.02M Special Operations Saboteur Manero (Jazz)
  • No.02P Security Police Cyclops (Shockwave)
  • No.03 Military Strategist Harry (Prowl)
  • No.03B Gunner Kitt (Shattered Glass Bluestreak)
  • No.05 Maverick (Smokescreen)
  • No.06 Max (Cosmos)
  • No.06B Max V2 (Pathfinder)
  • No.07 Security McCoy (Ironhide)
  • No.07B Supervisor Riddick (Shattered Glass Ironhide)
  • No.08 Medic Miller (Ratchet)
  • No.09 Leader Agamemnon (Megatron)
  • No.13 Air Commander Lucifer (Starscream)


  • No.09T Leader Agamemnon Clear (Megatron)
  • No.13D Hodur (Black Starscream)
  • No.14S Aerospace Engineer Amy (Sunstorm)
  • No.15L Furfur (Acid Storm)
  • No.17 Beelzebul (Ramjet)
  • No.17 Mammon (Thrust)
  • No.18 Mephisto (Dirge)
  • No.21D Dr. No (Soundblaster, Buzzsaw and Ratbat)
  • No.21G Scaramanga (Gold Soundwave)
  • No.21T Scaramanga (Translucent Soundwave)
  • No.21W Karate Kid Larusso (Shattered Glass Soundwave, Shattered Glass Ratbat, Shattered Glass Ravage and Enemy)
  • No.22 Reconnaissance Chimera (Reflector)
  • No.35 Cyclops (Shockwave)


  • No.14B Genie Shazaam (Shattered Glass Thundercracker)
  • No.23B Haraldr (Straxus)
  • No.23M Darius (Grey Galvatron)
  • No.24 Macchio (Shattered Glass Megatron)


  • No.3EX Harry (Prowl)
  • No.3T Harry (Translucent Prowl)
  • No.14P Lerage (Hotlink/Shattered Glass Skywarp)
  • No.23EX Darius (Purple Galvatron)
  • No.23T Darius (Purple Galvatron)
  • No.36 Hitcher (Breakdown)


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