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Robotix character
Robotix Nemesis art
Species Terrakor



Nemesis is a fictional character from the Robotix series. He is leader of the Terrakors.


Fictional biography

Ruthless ruler of the Terrakors, who tries to take over Skallor. In one of the flashbacks he is seen trying to attack Zanadon with his army, but fails, swearing death to deserters and vengeance to Argus. When it was discovered that the sun will go nova he opted for manning the Terror Star and abandoning the dying planet, and even after transferring into his Robotix body he is willing to execute the plan. He has an obsession with obtaining the Compucore and using it to control Terror Star, which he admires and treats with great care (as seen when Goon fails in salvaging the ship from a lake, being almost torn apart by a furious Nemesis). Unlike Argus, Nemesis sees his new body as a better chance to flee from the planet and conquer space, which helps him use his Robotix form more efficiently. He trusts only Tyrannix, even if he's not always willing to show it - or even throws him away. His robot form was of a blue humanoid with a lizard-like head. Memorable transformations and features included a left hand capable of extreme extension and shifting into a laser gun, super-sharp beam whips built into hands, and small threads built into feet for high speed rolling functions.


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