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TFC Toys character
Neckbreaker box
Created by

TFC Toys
Species Transformer

Alternate mode

Tech specs

ST03 IN03 SP02 EN08

RN04 CO08 FB06 SK06

Neckbreaker is a fictional character and third-party Transformer homage to Generation 1 Bonecrusher made by TFC Toys in 2012. Reprolabels released a label set that makes Neckbreaker look more like Bonecrusher.

TFC Toys

Neckbreaker is a third-party Transformer and an homage to the Constructicon Bonecrusher. He combines with the other toys in his line to form Hercules, an homage to Devastator. He was the fifth member of the set released.[1]

Neckbreaker has high endurance and courage, but below average strength, intelligence and speed.

Neckbreaker is not the only third-party Transformer homage to Bonecrusher. There is also Maketoys Bulldozer.


The project that would become Hercules was first teased as EX-004 with an outline picture in October 2009.[2]

In July 2011 TFC Toys announced that the Bonecrusher homage of the Hercules team would be called Neckbreaker, and that it was scheduled for release in March of 2012.[3]

Neckbreaker was released in January 2012.


The WTF@TFW podcast for December 1st, 2011 selected pictures of the completed Hercules as one of the New Picture Picks.[4]


  • TFC Toys Hercules Neckbreaker (2012)
An original third-party Transformer mold. Changes from robot to bulldozer. Becomes the left arm of Hercules, although he can become either arm.
Comes with two guns, a left fist for Hercules, instructions and a collector card.
This toy was recolored and included as part of TFC Toys's Perseus.
  • Reprolabels Classic Bonecrusher (2012)
A set of labels that make Neckbreaker look more like Generation 1 Bonecrusher, including Decepticon symbols.[5]
  • TFC Toys Hercules Neckbreaker reissue (2012)
A reissue of Neckbreaker was done in 2012, with an altered box.



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