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Marvel Comics character
Namorita art
First appearance

Sub-Mariner #50 (June 1972)
Created by

Marvel Comics
Species Atlantean/Human mutant
Alter ego

Namorita Prentiss


Namorita is a fictional character from Marvel Comics.

Fictional biography

Namorita was born in 1958 to Namora, half-human cousin of Atlantis's Prince Namor. Unknown to her husband Talan, Namora became pregnant via genetic manipulation by Atlantean scientist Vyrra, who implanted her with her own clone (infused with genes from Atlantis's greatest warriors) to become pregnant. Talan died when Namorita was three, and she and Namora relocated to Lemuria. Eventually Namora was poisoned by her rival, Llyra, when Namorita was still a pre-adolescent. Llyra assumed the throne of Lemuria soon after, and Namorita remained in her care, suspecting her of Namora's supposed death but unable to prove it.

When Namor reunited with the cousin he had not seen since her infancy, he entrusted her welfare to his longtime surface friend, Betty Prentiss. Under Prentiss's guidance, Namorita attended high school and college. Namorita eventually considered Betty to be her second mother and took her last name when she died. Namorita also acted as mentor to Wundarr, and briefly joined his spiritual movement, the Water Children. Namor was often overprotective of his little cousin and he offered her a job at his company, Oracle Inc. Recently, Nita shared co-rulership of Atlantis with Namor and Andromeda as part of the Council of Three.


Marvel Comics

Tiger Shark once kidnapped Namorita but she was rescued by Ms. Marvel.[1]

While on a field trip for one of her classes, Nita was present when Genetech's latest toy was trying to scoop up some irradiated soil. The soil was combined, and Terrax was reborn. Nova, Night Thrasher, Speedball, Marvel Boy II, and Firestar showed up to stop him, and together they defeated Terrax. Then the Avengers snubbed them by showing up and taking all the credit and 'taking over from here'. Nita joined these New Warriors to fill a niche in heroing society... young people who want to help out but keep getting no respect from their elders.[2]

There, she found out from the Grand Vizier that clones weren't permitted in the city, and she flipped out. Before a great deal of damage could be perpetrated on the Atlantean guards and scenery, she collapsed in much the same way she did when she first met the Mad Thinker.[3]

It took Namor and Vashti to find her, after ransacking the lab and notes of Vyrra, the banished one. They discovered proof that Nita was a clone of Namora, and that her genetics were very unstable because Vyrra had spliced in the genetic material of Atlantean warriors dead for centuries in an attempt to offset some of the problems that Namora had had upon reaching puberty. They didn't know what the result could be. Nita herself knew. She went searching for a new costume, a new identity. She allied herself with the sea, setting herself up as a protector of the weak, one with nature. When Namor found her, he discovered that Nita's skin had turned blue, and she had grown fins on her arms and legs. She also had gotten rather upset about many things. He talked her down, saying that her friends love her, and they'll accept her no matter what. So she departed and returned to the Crash Pad. There, she talked to Nova again, and asked if he could accept her as she was now. He said yes, and they kissed again.[4]

Nita rejoined the team as Kymaera. Nita participated in the assault on the home of the Gamesmaster in the Alps where the Gamesmaster mind controlled Shatterstar II and Moonstar into attacking her.[5]

Nita remained a Soldiers of Misfortune agent until the Mad Thinker engineered her escape by using Night Thrasher and Rage.[6]

Nita returned to the team long enough to see Richie regain his powers.[7]

Unfortunately, the disappearance of her cousin forced her to return to Atlantis to rule in his stead, acting as if he's merely away, and not actually dead, as it is widely believed he is.[8]

Once Namor returned Nita tried to return to her life on the surface world, but she discovered that she was changing again. During this change she broke up with Nova, who she believed saw her as a monster.[9]

She returned to her original skin color, and lost the webs on her hands and angle and elbow fins.[10]

Nita fought Orca in New York's East River with the aid of Nova. Although he tried to make up with her, she rejected him.[11]

She eventually ended up rejoining the New Warriors when they were called in by Genetech to help save them from the villain Blastaar. During the fight the Warriors were joined by Aegis and Bolt II.[12]

She was among the heroes incapacitated by Graviton when he attempted to take over the Earth once again.[13]


Namorita as a 250 point character for the Hero System 4th edition game.


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