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Munitioner is a fictional character is a third-party Transformer and homage to the Generation 1 Swindle made by FansProject in 2010.


Munitioner is a third-party Transformer homage to the Transformers 1986 Combaticion Swindle. When the Transformers: Universe Bruticus set was released Swindle turned into a helicopter instead of his Generation 1 form of a truck. This toy is meant to replace him in that set. The set also comes with a number of accessories which can be used with the other Combaticons, or combined with the accessories from Explorer to form an homage to Generation 1 Bruticus, called Colossus.

Munitioner turns into a truck or the right leg of Colossus.


FansProject posted pictures of the Munitioner toy mold on their web site in January 2010.[1]

Promotional photos of Maketoys Giant included a comparison with Colossus.

In October 2012 FansProject announced on their web site that they were releasing Munitioner and Explorer is new colors.[2]


The TFWire podcast episode 199 for October 24th, 2009 had a segment devoted FansProject. The hosts disagreed as to whether Bruticus Maximus needed an upgrade set.[3]

The [email protected] podcast for February 4th, 2010 selected pictures of Explorer and Munitioner as one of the New Picture Picks.[4]

Fictional biography

Compared to Explorer, Munitioner is a young and impulsive warrior. He was supposed to rollout as part of the second generation of Colossus Unit, however due to the violent incident of C³, Munitioner is forced to rollout earlier than schedule.

Replacing one of the Colossus' leg, Munitioner is fully responsible for C³'s Weapon Control System. Since C³ was designed to be a full-range battle machine, he has installed so many weapons that required an independent AI to manage them. Munitioner was designed to do this job so that Explorer can focus on maintaining the conscious of C³.

Being a WCS AI, Munitioner is a perfect weapon specialist; he has the knowledge of all kinds of weapons, including those from enemy forces. He also has high proficiency in operating and maintaining different weapons, which makes him the manager of all the weapons in the Combat Units. However, the impulsive manner and lack of experience usually puts him into dangerous situations.


  • FansProject Crossfire TFX-02B Munitioner (2010)
A new mold. Turns from robot to truck or becomes a leg of Colossus. Intended to replace the helicopter Swindle on the Universe Bruticus combiner. He was remolded into Warcry.
This toy was recolored and included as part of the Explorer/Munitioner set.
  • Reprolabels Labels for FP Munitioner and Explorer (2011)
A set of labels for Explorer and Munitioner to make them look more like Generation 1 Blast Off and Swindle.[5]



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