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Transformers character
Modulus combiner team
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5 robots

Transformers: Generations
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Modulus the name of a fictional character from the Transformers series. He is a heroic combiner introduced in 2017.

Transformers: Generations

Modulus is the combined form of the five transformers, including positive universe Medix, Scattershot, Ratchet and Rook with negative universe Starscream.

Little is known about Modulus. As the highest ranking member of the combiner, Starscream is technically the leader, although Scattershot is the highest ranking Autobot and the torso of the combiner. Modulus may have Ratchet's Healing Touch ability in combined form, as mentioned in the biography for his BotCon toy. With Starscream as an arm Modulus may have a Null Fist attack, or with Starscream as a leg he can leap 5 miles, as mentioned in Starscream's biography.

Hasbro already had the name Modulus in trademark for their Nerf toy line.


Modulus was first mentioned in the instructions for Shattered Glass Starscream in 2017. The silhouette for Modulus was a reused illustration for Predacus with Cicadacon as the right arm, representing Starscream.[1]


Modulus team

Modulus was never released as a set, but could be created by combining the Generations Combiner Wars toys released from 2015 to 2017 of his components. The Ratchet toy used to form one of his limbs can be the 2016 BotCon Customizing Class exclusive or the one that came with the Takara Lynxmaster set.


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