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Magic Square
Founder(s) Andrey Nayman
Area served Blockchain Applications
Key people Andrey Nayman
Employees 20 - 50

Magic Square is an integrated crypto app store for worldwide users to discover and experience the best of crypto. All applications on Magic Square are community-vetted, offering users a platform to connect with projects and for developers to best market and monetize their applications. The Magic Store is the core of Magic Square. [1]


Magic Square facilitates a multifaceted system that rebuild the crypto app experience: The Magic Store guides users to discover the highest quality crypto apps with a built-in and well integrated DeFi system. Users sign in to all of their apps with one SSI secured Magic Connect leading to their personalized Magic Spaces, where the best crypto-app experience begin and end. Users and Creators discuss and collaborate in a dedicated Magic Community space. The Magic Square interface includes three main components: The Magic Store, Magic Spaces, and Magic Connect. Each of these serves as a different function for the three groups who use the platform: crypto application users (Users), crypto application developers (Creators), and community validators (Validators). Each of these groups plays a unique role in the Magic Store interface, with a unique set of actions and responsibilities. Users must enter the system and obtain a secure persona with their secure Magic Connect login credentials. For applications to be successfully deployed, Creators must pass the validation process by the Validators, who vote on the new apps to be officially listed on the Magic Store.


Magic Store

The Magic Store allows Users to discover all sorts of crypto apps and NFT collections in one place, and access any of them with just one click. Within each app featured on the Magic Store, there are integrated DeFi “bundles” that support native app currencies. The Magic Store is a decentralized app store with complete transparency, listing the validator voting results, user reviews, and live app statistics, such as the number of total downloads to Spaces, on each app page on the Store.

Magic Spaces

Magic Spaces are the customized dashboard of crypto apps and widgets where Users can add any app to. Magic Spaces allows Users to store, open, and use all of their apps in one location, via their MagicID. There are an unlimited number of Spaces available to the user to organize their apps and widgets, and Magic Spaces can be used and accessed across devices.

Magic Connect

In order to access their Magic Spaces and use their apps, Users must enter via Magic Connect (MagicID). Magic Connect allows Users to establish a connection to all of their apps via one Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) secured login. Magic Connect is an HTTP-based service with smart contracts on the blockchain. It serves as a holder of the Verifiable Data Registry which stores Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) and maintains an interaction between all the participants. The Magic Connect system includes the following components Users, Verifiable Data Registry, Issuers, and Verifiers. Issuers are defined as the institutions that issue Verifiable Credentials (VCs). Verifiers are the institutions that are requesting the User’s VCs.


  • Andrey Nayman, PhD - CEO

Andrey is an entrepreneur, a mathematician, a Quant & Professional Investor and an early adopter of Crypto (2013), he has successfully led multiple technical ventures. He was also a former MD of Radical Ventures and an adamant Product Advocate

  • Benjamin Vodovozov - CMO

Benjamin is the guru of performance marketing, a Mathematician, and Seasoned Entrepreneur. He has managed & led the acquisition of a number of Marketing Companies, he is a true believer & advocate of the Metaverse

  • Michael Landsberger - COO

Michael is a seasoned leader with a vast experience managing large scale international organizations in the finance and fintech industries. He is also a true believer and promoter of Transformational Leadership and the ROWE method.

  • Viktor Fish - VP R&D

Viktor is a seasoned technical leader, a computer scientist & platform developer. He has deep knowledge and proven experience in the management of Complex Crypto Projects. He has been praised for his secret sauce and creating winning products & technologies.[2]

  • Matan Kelly - CFO

Matan is an expert in Treasury Management for Crypto & Fintech firms. CPA with years of experience managing international venture accounting, with deep specialization in the security of financial ecosystems.

Magic Store

The Magic Store sits at the core of Magic Square. Magic Store is the first-ever DAO marketplace for crypto apps that relies on a community of users and developers for app quality control in order to filter out inappropriate apps and scams. Magic Store allows users to manage all of their crypto apps in the same way as the Apple App Store or Google Play Store: users can download their apps, use them across devices, and access them with one click of the button without lengthy registration processes. Within the store, users will enjoy Magic Spaces, a personalized dashboard where they can access all of their crypto apps and track their app activity in one convenient place. For creators, there is the Magic SDK, a platform that lets creators integrate a massive amount of functionalities such as SSI (Self-Sovereign Identity) for one-click login, payments subscription, in-app monetization, and out of the box staking solutions inside their crypto apps. Magic SDK boosts crypto apps with the power of the Magic Square Ecosystem.

The Magic Store will feature all kinds of apps including

  • DeFi (trading, wallets, lending\borrowing, insurance / reinsurance, custody, and more)
  • CeFi
  • NFTs
  • GameFi


Use to Earn

Magic Square created unique model for the Magic Store. Users can earn rewards just for downloading and using apps. Each day Magic Square distributes rewards based on the personal ranking of the user, their “Karma Score". This unique model allows users to earn SQR tokens without investing their money, just their time. Users with the highest monthly score will get additional rewards as well as special NFTs. Every day, Magic Square drops SQR tokens and adds them to a community's "rewards pool." These tokens are then awarded to users for their contributions based on the number of downloads and time they spend using the apps. The rewards are accumulated in the user’s wallet and released once per month. The top three users each month receive personal invitations to Magic Square events.


Users will be rewarded for the number of active members they refer to Magic Square. Each user can get a bigger stake from the reward pool based on the number of referrals.

Governed by the Community

Each community member can become a qualified validator (jury) by staking 5000 SQR tokens and passing a validator qualification test. After a user passes the test, they will receive a reward for each validation process they participate in (80% of validator funds are distributed among the qualified validators).[3] If they fail the test, they can instead nominate someone to act as a validator on their behalf. The nominees need to pass the same qualification test and will get a portion of the original validator reward.

SQR Token

The SQR token powers all aspects of the Magic Square ecosystem and allows for the seamless integration of users, creators, and validators. SQR can be used for various utilities within the ecosystem including governance, user access packages, app advertisement, and app referral rewards. SQR can also be traded on DEX and CEX for other currencies or fiat.[4]

Magic Affiliates

Magic Affiliates is a forward-thinking solution for all crypto business to scale up user growth effectively and cost-efficiently. Being the top affiliate network for Blockchain & Web3 projects, Magic Affiliates is here to maximize market potential for crypto businesses.

Become an affiliate

The best affiliate platform is built on the foundation of trust and transparency, allowing you to share your love for any of the crypto applications: CeDeFi, dApps, Games, & NFTs. Our team of industry experts has pushed the bar in affiliate marketing technology, making Magic Affiliates a go-to for all partners looking to boost their earnings and increase visibility.

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Become a partner

Magic Affiliates will find and bring your visitors to you. With the help of Magic Affiliates, your project will be visible to tens of thousands of users. We will build a custom affiliate offer for your app based on predefined engagement levels or other performance data. You are only charged for the real user attraction that it generates.


There are three user packages available to Users based on staking tier:

Tier 1 - Base Package

  • Users are allotted up to three apps in their Spaces
  • without staking
  • Users stake 150 SQR to unlock unlimited app downloads to Spaces

Tier 2 - Pro Package

  • Users stake 500 SQR to unlock:
  • Use to Earn - daily rewards based on in-store activity
  • Referral Rewards - earn according to their active referrals
  • Karma Score - receive higher daily rewards by accumulating Karma for on-chain activity

Tier 3 - Influencer Package

  • In addition to Tier 2 perks, Users with Karma above 5000 can stake 1000 SQR tokens and receive a 25% boost to their daily rating, which translates to higher rewards.
  • Influencers receive early access to all events, exclusive contests, etc

App Listing

Creators must send 10,000 SQR via smart contract to apply for the listing of a crypto app on the Magic Store.

  • 35% is paid to Validators
  • 15% is paid to Magic Square
  • 50% is staked for the period the app will be listed in the Magic Store
  • If an app does not meet the minimum score for listing, 85% of the tokens will be returned to the Creator’s wallet (15% will be paid to the validators for their work)

Defi Bundles

  • Creators can choose from the list of pre-integrated Magic Square DeFi services that support the app’s native token or NFT
  • These services are added to the app page as hot buttons.
  • Revenue sharing based on the commercial terms of each DeFi provider


  • Q1 2021 - Project Kickoff (Self Funded)
  • Q2 2021 - Completion of UI/UX and beginning of development
  • Q3 2021 - Comprehensive marketing research and work with Solana Testnet
  • Q1 2022 - Execute Performance Marketing Plan, and build the Magic Square Community
  • Q2/Q3 2022 - Release of Closed Beta including Magic Connect, onboarding Validators, and preparation for Seed Fundraising
  • Q4 2022 - Release of public MVP and staking functionality
  • Q1 2023 - Global expansion with the release of localized versions of the Magic Store in Turkey and Brazil
  • Q2 2023 - Release of Magic Community and geolocation-based dApp discovery
  • Q4 2023 - Release of Magic SDK and Magic Contest System

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