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Picture of Md Rayhan
Native name Md Rayhan
Born 4 April 2001 (2001-04-04) (age 21)
3720 Ramgonj, Lakshmipur
Residence Bangladesh
Nationality Bangladeshi


Years active 2017- present
Known for Digital Marketer
Home town 3720 Ramgonj, Lakshmipur
Height 5.6"
AmarTv 24

Md Rayhan is a most popular digital marketer and SEO consultant in Bangladesh.

Early Life

Md Rayhan was born on (04 April 2001) in Ramgonj, Lakshmipur. Md Rayhan is a Graphic Design and Digital Marketing expert in Bangladesh. He enriched experience in Digital Marketing, Off-page SEO, SMM, google merchant center with google ads targeted marketing strategies. He is the founder and CEO of AmarTv 24. He was born and brought up in Lakshmipur. He completed his graduation from Ramgonj Government College.


Md Rayhan is a renowned digital marketer and graphic designer in Bangladesh. He is working as a Mentor of graphic design in the Youth organizations Project of the Government of Bangladesh. He is also the Founding Chairman of AmarTv 24. His explanation about digital marketing is the use of electronic media to promote or advertise products, organizations or brands in the Internet world. Advertising rates are currently the highest, especially on social media. This is because 55.07 percent of the world's people use the Internet, of which 75 percent use social media regularly. So the way of doing business is getting richer by using social media and digital media.

Digital Marketing

Search engine optimization (SEO): is an interaction by which a site's watchwords are positioned in web crawlers. How about we simply say with a model. We all search pretty much on and when we type something into Google, [Google shows us some indexed lists.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM): is a complete showcasing system that will at first direct people to your business. This is what we call paid inquiry promoting. This kind of promotion is normally founded on the construction of your business.

Social Media Marketing (SMM): 75% of all our Internet clients on the planet are associated with web-based media. Web-based Media Marketing is a powerful method for arriving at this enormous section of individuals without any problem. By and large, web-based media showcasing implies promoting utilizing Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linked In, Pinterest, and different web-based media. In this day and age of web-based media showcasing, Facebook and YouTube are considerably more compelling and productive.

Email advertising is the promoting of an item or administration through email. Email advertising is tied in with introducing the nature of the item to the client through an organized article or content, making him keen on buying that item. This permits you to arrive at the client in a brief time frame. It is feasible to create again by sending brilliant messages.

Graphic Design

Different Types of Graphic Design Careers:

Brand Identity: Builds Loyalty and Trust A strong, specific logo picture is a vital part of constructing a great dating with customers. If they experience which you each proportion the equal values, they`ll be attracted on your logo and could probably experience snug selecting you over the competition.

Packaging Design: A bundle clothier courses the layout manner from start to end. They conceptualize, layout, and execute a prototype for crowd-pleasing packaging materials, the use of layout factors inclusive of shape, color, photos, and typography to create packaging this is useful and attractive to customers.

Social Media Design: Social media layout is visible content material utilized in virtual marketing. Whether it`s your Facebook profile, Twitter background, Google+ header, or portraits for timeline posts and blogs, social media layout is an essential detail to incorporate.

Print Design: Print media layout is a form of layout that specializes in how gadgets will appearance while printed. Although the factors of this form of layout are regularly created on computers, the very last product usually has a bodily manifestation. At its very basis, a print media layout is a form of layout this is supposed to be printed.