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Alchemist Prime is a member of the Thirteen Primes in various incarnations Bhargav Polara the Transformers title In more recent years he has been suggested to be identical with Maccadam.


Generation 1

Marvel Comics

Maccadam was introduced in The Transformers series from Marvel Comics, in which he is the owner and operator of Maccadam's Old Oil House on Cybertron. Maccadam was unique in that he was considered a neutral, neither Autobot or Decepticon, with his bar being one of the few locations where members of the warring groups could interact in relative peace. Maccadam was initially a mysterious figure, with no one being sure which of the restaurant staff-if any-was Maccadam; it wasn't until issue 240 that his actual appearance was revealed.

Fun Publications

In Transformers: Another Light, Alchemist Prime appeared as a member of the Thirteen, and appeared with the same design as Maccadam alongside other Primes who arrived in response to Nexus Prime's efforts to separate the realities of the multiverse. "Ask Vector Prime" also identified him with the mythical Greek god Dionysus, due to his habit of brewing various concoctions. [1][2] Vector Prime also noted that he treasured their comradery, and hinted further at the Maccadam connection by mentioning that many believed Alchemist still lived among modern Cybertronians as a bartender. [3] Vector Prime also spoke of a reality where he and Alchemist joined forces to save the planet Karn from the Swarm, and revealed that Rhisling would adopt different properties were it to be wielded by another Prime like Alcehmist. [4][5] The story Echoes and Fragments also featured Maccadam, though unnamed, contacting his brother Vec-Tor after overhearing a bargain struck between Sideways and Gong.


Though Maccadam/Alchemist were not featured in this series, a version of Maccadam's Old Oil House appeared in one episode of Transformers: Animated.

Transformers: Timelines

As in Animated, a version of Maccadam's Old Oil House appeared in Transformers: The New World on a Cybertron abandoned by Autobot and Decepticon alike. It was known for having a flickering sign that, despite all Mini-Con efforts to repair, never functioned "properly", though some felt that the flicker was part of the design.

Aligned Continuity


Alchemist Prime was featured in Transformers: The Covenant of Primus as one of the Thirteen, with knowledge of elemental forces that served him as a "free agent" Prime: one who combined the qualities of warrior and strategist. Alchemist was also part of Megatronus' circle of friends among the Thirteen, along with Micronus and Onyx Prime. He and his similar brother, Nexus Prime, were also the ones to hit upon the strategy of forcing Unicron to shut down by instigating a coma-like state similar to Primus'. It was he who hit upon the idea of Optimus Prime's Spark being used to shut down Unicron, and following the battle he, Optimus, and Quintus Prime had the hardest time fitting in with any of the factions that developed among the Thirteen. Sadly, their hard-won peace was short-lived, as Liege Maximo's scheming soon led to division and conflict.

He and his brethren soon endured the murder of Solus Prime by Megatronus, and the subsequent unexpected creation of the Well of AllSparks. As the Thirteen scattered, Alchemist remained on Cybertron for a time with Alpha Trion and Prima, overseeing the birth of Cybertronian civilization. However, Alchemist later departed the planet, never to be seen again, and taking with him his Lenses, an artifact built into his optic sensors.. According to Alpha Trion in Transformers: Exiles, Alchemist departed the planet in search of Liege Maximo in order to imprison him, a task at which Vector felt he had succeeded. He would later tell Shockwave in Transformers: Retribution that Alchemist was the last Prime he had seen.

Retribution also featured Maccadam, though he was not identified as Alchemist Prime, once again as the proprietor of Maccadam's Old Oil House. While he maintained a neutral stance, he refused to remain in business after the Decepticons took over Iacon, and closed shop while remaining in residence. He then became head of Ultra Magnus' spy network in the city, often using his wares to get information from Decepticons. His most vital role would be in assisting the Wreckers in their rescue of Alpha Trion, who had been taken prisoner by Shockwave. Upon meeting Wheeljack, he was recognized as being the former piano player of the oil house.


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