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M. Shahinoor Rahman
Native name মো: শাহিনুর রহমান
Born 1 July 1966 (1966-07-01) (age 57)
Kushtia, Khulna, Bangladesh
Nationality Bangladeshi
Alma mater
Occupation Writer, author, columnist, academic, folklorist, media personality, singer, researcher and editor
Spouse Mossammad Salma Sultana, Professor of English at Islamic University, Bangladesh[1][2]

M. Shahinoor Rahman is a writer, author, columnist, academic, folklorist, singer and editor in Bangladesh.[3][4][5][6] He is the senior most professor of selection grade-1 in the English Department and former Pro-Vice-Chancellor at the Islamic University, Bangladesh.[7][8] He served as Pro-Vice-Chancellor from 20 February 2013 to 22 February 2021.[9] He gained popularity by writing Bengali poet Fakir Lalon Shah: oral poetry and tradition in the social context of contemporary Bangladesh thesis paper.[10][11]

Early life and education

Dr. Rahman was born in Kushtia, but was raised in Dhaka and Khulna. His father Md. Abdur Rahman (Retired BCS Cadre, Admin) is a freedom fighter and his mother is late Diloara Rahman Jostna.[1]

Dr. Rahman took his primary and secondary education from Dhaka and Khulna. He completed his HSC from Khulna Government City College. He graduated in English with Honors (1986), successfully completed M.A in English with first class first (1987) from the University of Rajshahi. He completed another M.A in Folklore with thesis (1999) equivalent to an M Phil Degree at the Indiana University, Bloomington, USA. Then he was done with his PhD Degree in English literature in 2002 on English novelist Rudyard Kipling.[12][13]


He started career as a lecturer in the English Discipline at Khulna University at the age of 24.[14][15] He served as Associate Instructor at the Indiana University, Bloomington, USA. He had been the Chairman of the Department of English and Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at Islamic University, Bangladesh.[16][17] He served as the Professor in the Department of English at Jagannath University and in the Department of English at Jahangirnagar University, chairing and attending different meetings related to research and academic matters. He worked as Syndicate Member at Islamic University and Jagannath University and Khulna University.[12][18][14][19]

He served as the Pro Vice-Chancellor of the Islamic University, Bangladesh from 20 February 2013 to 19 February 2017. He was again appointed as Pro-Vice-Chancellor on 22 February 2017 and he served as Pro Vice-Chancellor at the same university from 23 February 2017 to 22 February 2021.[20][9]

He is also the Editor of Muktobarta online newspaper and Advisory Editor of The Daily Bangladesh Shomoy.[21]



  • 1991 Dhutara Fule: A Collection of Poems (in Bengali), published by Shahita Parishad, Khulna.[22]
  • 1996 English Literature: Perspective and Criticism (in Bengali), published by Open Studies, Dhaka.[22]
  • 1999 Bengali Poet Fakir Lalon Shah: Oral Poetry and Tradition in the Social Context of Contemporary Bangladesh (Ph.D. thesis) published by Indiana University Template:OCLC
  • 2003 A Collection of Literary Essays (in English), published by Bangladesh Writers Association.
  • 2019 Practicum published in Social Work and Social Development, Published by Center for Research and Knowledge & Humaun Resource Development, Royal University of Dhaka, Banani, Bangladesh.
  • 2020 Immortal Mujib (Souvenir), (an Editor), On the occasion of Mujib's centenary, Published by Islamic University, Bangladesh.[23]
  • 2021 Bangabandhu's Dream and Sheikh Hasina's Success.[24][25]
  • 2021 বঙ্গবন্ধু ও শেখ হাসিনা: বিশ্ব নেতৃত্বের পথিকৃৎ (English: Bangabandhu and Sheikh Hasina: The Role Models of World Leadership)[23]
  • 2021 The Alchemist (Jointly translated)[23]

Awards and membership

Personal life

He is married to Dr. Mossammad Salma Sultana who is also a Professor and Chairperson of the Department of English at the Islamic University, Kushtia. They have one daughter Sumaita Sadia Rahman and one son Shuhreed Manik Rahman.[1]


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