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The Legion of Arethyr one of the legions in the Mythic Legions fictional setting.

Mythic Legions


This army is made up of the most savage and brutal warriors that Mythoss has to offer. When given the choice between reason and blunt force, reason never wins out. Their goal is to usher in the return of their dark god. Its members include boarriors, dwarves, goblins, humans, orcs, ogres and trolls.

Members of the race of colossal one-eyed giants known as cyclopes usually serve as weapon smiths, builders, forge masters, and architects in Mythoss. Master craftsmen with a keen eye for detail and precision, these giant tinkerers consider it the highest honor to fashion the weapons of war for the armies of Mythoss. Argemedes serves as the Chief Overseer of the forges of Arethyr, where the hallmarks of his oversight, order and intimidation, allow him to maintain maximum productivity. But the true secret behind Argemedes' mastery of the forge comes from the experience he has gained wielding his own creations in battle. Cyclopes' single massive eye grants them the abilty to see great distances, which makes them ideal for operating long range weapons such as the ballista and trebuchet. Argemedes is no exception to this and he takes great pride in his service to the Legion of Arethyr not only as a builder, but also as a mighty warrior willng to die for his people.
A distant cousin of Thord Ironjaw, Bothar Shadowhorn has little in common with his heroic kin. The Shadowhorn Clan, once proudly aligned with the Army of Leodysseus, were long ago swayed by Arethyr's promises of riches and power. Bothar's insatiable thirst for blood is eclipsed only by his hatred of Thord, whose Ironjaw Clan serves as a grim reminder of what his people once were and what they have now become.
The true scope of the goblin army can only be imagined by those with the greatest imagination. A seemingly infinite number of evil soldiers seep through mile after mile of labyrinthine tunnels in the Gobhollow Caverns deep beneath the Grayvein Mountains. Gonxx, the brutal and hulking commander of the goblin forces, not only wields the power and skill to lead, but he also possesses a prodigious ability to strategically categorize and command his legions. Now aligned with The Legion of Arethyr, Gonxx and his army bring an indestructible and horrific force to the fight for Mythoss.
Described as a "goblin berserker" on Facebook.
The merciless commander of the Legion of Arethyr, Gorgo Aetherblade is a dark mystery even among his closest confidants. His origin is as cryptic as the identity hidden under his imposing war helmet. What is immeasurably clear are Gorgo's plans for the hellish army that he has amassed and their sole purpose: to usher the return of their master Arethyr.
Cavern Orcs, or "Shadow Orcs" as they are commonly known, are so brutal that other Orcs fear their ferocity. These grotesque inbred creatures are born deep below the surface, cursed to live a life mining for metals and forging deadly weapons. The most savage are trained for warfare and eventually make their way to the surface to fight for Arethyr. Gorthokk, a rare strategist among his people, has been chosen to represent Arethyr and to sign the evil pact known as the Covenant of Shadow.
As a former member of Attlus’ wasteland army, Jjuno the Crusher is no stranger to staring into the face of adversity. When she was a young child her family joined with Attlus the Conqueror and his band of outsiders. When her parents were killed in a skirmish with Scapular and his Sons of the Red Star, Jjuno blamed Attlus. Although Attlus tried to care for her after the loss of her parents, Jjuno left his army in search of a new home for her hatred and anger. It was only after Gorgo pulled her from an evil horde of skeleton soldiers that Juno found her new family- The Legion of Arethyr.
The Dwarven kingdom of Ironhold has long prospered by transforming the metals of the Grayvein caverns into masterfully crafted weapons, while their neighbors, the cave goblins of Gobhollow, made their fortunes by trading on the caverns’ wealth of jewels and gems. They are two of Mythoss’ richest and most incompatible kingdoms, working side by side in a volatile but highly efficient balance. Seeing an opportunity to expand his fortunes, the once noble King Bromdenn has put his righteousness aside, and along with King No’glin, is steering the cavern kingdoms toward a new and dangerous deal with Gorgo Aetherblade that could lead to either a new beginning or a bitter end for his people.
Facebook describes him as Thord Ironjaw's father.
The caverns deep below the Grayvein Mountains have the distinction of being home to not only one, but two sprawling kingdoms. Locked in what seemed like an eternal conflict over land and resources, King No’glin of the cave goblins and King Bromdenn Ironjaw of the cave dwarves have suddenly found common ground. The two kings have aligned their armies, skills and resources to aid Gorgo Aetherblade in hope of expanding their kingdoms’ reaches upon Arethyr’s return.
Described on Facebook as "leader of the goblins".
With a name that strikes dread and fear throughout Mythoss, Kkurzog stands out for his vicious brutality even in a legion famous for its brutal nature. Gargantuan ancestors of Orcs and Goblins, Ogres are savage powerhouses that bolster the ranks of the warriors of Arethyr. Standing at nearly nine feet tall and weighing three times as much as their Orc cousins, Ogres do much of the heavy lifting for their legion. Responsible for transporting and operating battering rams, catapults and other large scale armaments, the burden of their responsibly is exceeded only by their sheer savagery. Capable of speaking both Orkish and some of the more civilized tongues, Kkurzog acts as both an interpreter and general to the Orc warriors. As the link between his kin and the Legion’s leadership, not only is Kkurzog an essential leader, he is also a cruel master capable of wielding his own people as a weapon of war.
  • Knubnik (ML2, Male Goblin Assassin)
Standing out as loathsome in the vile and chaotic goblin kingdom is no small feat, but the assassin Knubnik has made a name for himself by doing just that. A hired killer working under the direct orders of King N’oglin, he has quietly altered the tides of conflict on his king’s behalf time and time again. Taking a perverse joy in each and every kill, Knubnik’s twisted sense of humor is overshadowed only by his lethal effectiveness.
Described as a "goblin soldier" on Facebook.
  • Kronnaw (Wasteland, Male Destroyer)
Born from an abominable experiment marrying arcane resurrection magic and savagely untraditional science, Kronnaw is a walking nightmare made real. Built for the sole purpose of destroying life, he is the terrifying personification of pure evil. Void of any recognizable personality or emotion, Kronnaw's directive to kill randomly and without judgement can be as dangerous to his own allies as it is to his enemies. Like a bomb that detonates and kills indiscriminately, Kronnaw's path of destruction continues to carve its way through Bjorngar one massacre after the next.
  • Purrrplor (Wasteland Male Jaguallian Swordsman)
Called away from his home in the shadowed forest city of Veytheera by Gorgo Aetherblade, the evil warrior Purrrplor is as renowned for his stealth as he is for his swordsmanship. Growing up in a city so shaded by trees that his life has been spent in darkness, Purrrplor is well suited to scouting missions that require quiet and cunning. He played a key role in the Siege at Bjorngar, but after tasting defeat at the hands of Attlus' armies, Purrrplor finds himself battling the harsh terrain of the Wasteland, searching for refuge.
Orcs have long been loyal soldiers in the Legion of Arethyr, and it is their masses that make up the heart of Gorgo Aetherblade's dark army. When Queen Urkzaa assumed her rule of the orc nation she immediately realized that allegiance to Arethyr was essential to her people's survival. As the brutal orc general Urzokk rose to power at Gorgo's side Urkzaa's power has diminished, but with a growing army of orcs dissatisfied with their attachment to Arethyr, Urkzaa is quietly assembling her own legion bent on reclaiming command of its own destiny.
  • Snagg (ML2, Male Goblin Thief)
Notoriously sneaky and mischievous, goblins are often reviled or simply dismissed. Being ignored by the masses delights the goblin thief Snagg and is one of his greatest advantages. Snagg’s skill at stealthily skulking around and helping himself to whatever he desires keeps him perpetually amused and has won him great favor with King No’glin.
  • Thumpp (Wasteland, Male Goblin General)
To celebrate his kingdom's alliance with the Legion of Arethyr, King No'glin furnished Gorgo Aetherblade with an elite force of Gobhollow's finest soldiers. At the command of this small army is No'glin's own nephew, Thumpp, a brutally effective combatant who is famous for the skill with which he wields his massive war hammer. While Thumpp's aggressive attitude ensures that he is feared and respected by those under his command, the countless blows of many battles have left their mark, both on the body and on the mind of this veteran warrior. While braving the Wasteland of Bjorngar, Thumpp finds himself not only struggling to survive, but also desperately trying to recall the details of a shadowy plan laid out by his uncle before he left Gobhollow.
Every army needs an arsenal of weapons to carry them to victory in battle and the Legion of Arethyr is no exception. A secret weapon in his own right, Unkann is the legion's master weapon-smith. A veteran of some of the legion's bloodiest battles, his expertise has been forged in combat. Determined to supply his brethren with the tools necessary to achieve supremacy, Unkann's ongoing quest involves supplying the Legion of Arethyr with the deadliest weapons once can imagine.
  • Urzokk (ML1, Male Orc General)
Once a lowly footsoldier in the Orc ranks, Urzokk has brutally carved his way to the top. An unusually advanced intellect and a cunning disposition have secured Urzokk status as a high ranking advisor and strategist. Urzokk's efficiency and effectiveness have not only acquired him power and position, but more importantly he is one of the very few that are truly trusted by Gorgo Aetherblade.
The many legends of the Mercurian Coliseum tell of fierce battles, horrific deaths, and glorious victories, but not often mentioned in these tales of the arena are the stories of those who guard the shadowy catacombs of the coliseum – those who protect the lives of the dignitaries who come for the spectacle – those who ensure that the combatants are held in check until the time they’re called upon. The few tales that do briefly mention these loyal, but dark denizens of the Mercurian Coliseum describe them as shadows of destructive force, and warn that if you see a hint of red from the corner of your eye, or a flash of silver emerging from the darkness, your best bet would be to surrender to these black guardians.
  • Boarrior (ML2, Male)
Resilient, dirty, and tirelessly aggressive, the Boarrior are miniature battering rams for The Legion of Arethyr. Because of their predilection for muck and filth they are often sent out to tackle the most unpleasant missions the Legion has to offer. Perfectly willing to cast their cumbersome weapons aside in favor of their thick skulls and brutally massive tusks, the Boarrior are always armed, deadly, and ready to destroy anything in their way.
  • Bog Goblin (ML1, Male Evil Assassin)
Vicious and surly, the Bog Goblin is one of the most vile creatures in Mythoss. Small in size and amphibious in nature, they are well suited to hiding away in their swampland homes. Of all the Greater Goblin subspecies, this filthy breed is the most willing to serve in the armies of the dark forces. Armed with the ability to vomit a hot and sticky black bile at their enemies, Bog Goblins are feared by even the bravest warrior.
Despite their harsh name, the Fury Clan Orcs are known as much for their intellect as they are for their savagery. These fiery red beasts are often recruited as assassins among the ranks of Arethyr’s armies. Unsettlingly precise in their methods, the ways of the Fury Clan’s warriors stand out in stark contrast to those of their green-skinned cousins. These discrepancies in style and method are so pronounced that they often lead to unwelcome infighting whenever the varied clans are stationed together.
  • Goblin Legion Builder (ML2, Male Goblin)
  • Ogre Legion Builder (SOB, Male Orge)
  • Orc Legion Builder 1 (ML1, Male Orc)
  • Orc Legion Builder 2 (ML2, Female Orc)
Trolls. A word that sends shivers down the spine of even the most hardened warrior. Strong enough to take down a giant and mean enough to stomp anyone that stands in their way into an unrecognizable bloody pulp, Trolls are some of the most destructive creatures in Mythoss.
With origins tracing back to the first age, Trolls are part of a family of creatures known as the impure. Distantly related to Goblins, Orcs, and Ogres, they are some of the deadliest creatures that comprise this foul family of beasts.
As if one species of Troll wasn't bad enough, there are more than two dozen types, each littering the landscape of Mythoss with its a unique brand of horror. While Ice Trolls can freeze a man with their icy breath, a single scorching blast from a Fire Troll can incinerate an entire village. Rock Trolls are born with an impenetrable flesh and their brutal savagery seems to be inversely proportional to the dullness of their intellect. Camouflage and stealthy cunning are the favorite tools of the wily Forest Troll.
On the battlefield Trolls are often enslaved and utilized by The Legion of Arethyr. Although it is less common, other factions sometimes employ Trolls for more specific and less violent purposes. It even rumored that Attlus and his house are allied with a large family of heroic Trolls who yearn for peace and prosperity.
Whatever the type and regardless of their allegiance - If a Troll is coming your way, RUN!
  • Urkku (ML1, Male Orc Evil Brute)
If Urzokk is renowned for his intellect, then the Urkku are feared adversaries for just the opposite. These mindless savages have a single-minded purpose within the ranks of Gorgo Aetherblade's army: they are the blunt force on the front lines. The Urkku act with a primal impulsiveness that feeds a loyalty specific to Urzokk more so than Gorgo or his greater cause.



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