Legend of the Elmedia Hero

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"Legend of the Elmedia Hero"
Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos episode
"Legend of the Elmedia Hero" title credit
Episode no. Season 1
Episode 12
Directed by Tomoyuki Yokokawa
Written by Tomoyuki Yokokawa
Original air date September 18th, 1986
Guest actors

Masashi Hirose as Number 96
Kyooko Hamura as Max
Rica Fukami as Meryl
Kenichi Ono as Warrior A
Issei Futamata as Karas
Aruno Tahara as Carib

Episode chronology
← Previous
"Pledging Love On the Great River"
Next →
"Jet! Defeat the Double Death Blade!"

Legend of the Elmedia Hero is the twelfth episode of the animated television series Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos, which was broadcast on September 18th, 1986 in Japan.[1]


The city of Under Cronos in Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos episode 12, "Legend of the Elmedia Hero"

The travelers are in an arctic area of Cronos when a nearby prisoner transport submarine is attacked by a beam of light, ejecting a criminal - Number 96, also known as Brocco - it was carrying. The cause of the attack is the Gandora's new Reflex Laser Cannon Sword being fired from orbit. Grujious thinks the weapon is too weak and Diondora suggests recovering a powerful crystal from the Cronos settlement of Elmedia to boost it. The freed Number 96 has been equipped to steal it for the Gandora. On the surface, Rom's group arrive at a wasteland settlement on the trail of the escapee, where the surface-dwelling Above Cronos are at war with the underground Under Cronos. They intervene to save a pair of Under Cronos children and are taken underground by their parents. They explain the fugitive hails from Under Cronos and his name was Brocco. The family react angrily and storm off. The travelers carry on their investigation but Reina is attacked by a strange creature outside a cemetery. Rod fends him off and the deformed stranger flees. They find he is Karas, keeper of the cemetery, sometime thief and Brocco's former partner. However the locals gets hostile whenever they mention Brocco himself. The boy they rescued, Max, is more friendly and shows them a statue of Brocco, who is a hero since driving off an attack from the surface dwellers. Their musings are interrupted by the arrival of Number 96, who easily takes out Rom, Jet and Rod and begins attacking the city. Number 96 then flees with Karas, having taken the sword from Brocco's statue.

Karas' funeral in Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos episode 12, "Legend of the Elmedia Hero"

Max believes Brocco will return to stop Number 96 while Rom, Jet, Rod, Reina and Jim are accused of taking the sword by the Max's father, despite the boy's pleas. Rom orders his friends to stand down and go quietly so they can sort the misunderstanding. In prison, Rom speculates that Brocco and Number 96 are one and the same but that the townspeople don't like acknowledging this - hence the group's imprisonment. Number 96 attacks Max's family, after the Elmedia crystal, and takes the boy hostage. In the commotion Rod frees the travelers from their cell and they set off to rescue Max. Number 96 has reached the statue of Brocco, making short work of the Under Cronos army. He retrieves the crystal from its' hidden location in the base of the statue only for Brocco himself to reappear and challenge him. However, the hero is no match for Number 96, who easily knocks him out of the sky. He is found by Rom's party who discover that the hero is Karas, trying to protect his old partner's reputation. He reveals to Rom and Reina that Number 96 was once Brocco and was a criminal from the start, but Karas - his thief sidekick - was so inspired by the legends he decided to live up to them. He dies from his wounds and Rom swears vengeance. Blade Dragon confronts Number 96, and soon Rom has to summon Vikung-Fu. The fight still seems to be going Number 96's way until he hits the crystal with an energy beam from the his sword, giving Vikung-Fu an opening to destroy him. The group buries Karas, promising that the legend of Brocco as a hero will live on.


Heroes Gandora Others
Battleflex Number 96 Submarine Crew
Triple Jim Gades Blue Bulldozer Robo
Rod Drill Diondora Max
Blue Jet Grujious Max's Sister
Reina Stol Above Cronos Warriors
Rom Stol Max's Father
Blade Dragon Max's Mother
Vikung-Fu Crane Robo
Scooter Robo
Yellow Bike Robo
Patrol Car Robo
Under Cronos Residents
Limousine Robo


  • Firsts: The is the first appearance of Limousine Robo and Patrol Car Robo, who appear in later episodes.
  • Rom Stol uses telescopic vision when Number 96 escapes.
  • Battleflex only appears in the opening sequence of his episode, then disappears.
  • The city of Under Cronos was once part of the capitol of Cronos, which broke into civil war. It seems populated mostly by Cronos Clan members, with some Battle Clan members too.
  • As has been hinted to before in the series, the Gandora seem to recruit members from the population of Cronos, augmenting them into Devil Commanders. Number 96 used to be a person named Brocco. He is a gigantic reptile-like man who carries the Reflex Laser Cannon sword. He can also turn his right arm into a drill.
  • Rom Stol's lecture this week is about "Heroes". The Above Cronos Warriors doesn't deserve to know Rom's name. When Number 96 asks his name he says it is Blade Dragon.
  • Rom simply appears in Blade Dragon form, with shield, to fight Number 96, not going through a transformation sequence. He quickly upgrades to Vikung-Ku, but then uses the Sword of Jillas to fight Number 96.
  • During the battle between Vikung-Fu and Number 96, the is a brief glimpse of the Bandai copyright imprint on Vikung-Fu's foot.
  • In the preview for the next episode, Rom refers to Blue Jet as a samurai.
  • Death toll: Multiple soldiers from Under Cronos and Karas are killed by Number 96. Vikung-Fu kills Number 96 with his Lightning Burst attack.
  • The credits for his episode list voice actors for the characters for Carib, Meryl and Warrior A, although who those characters are is left vague. Carib is probably Max's father. Maryl may be Max's mother or sister. Warrior A is likely the main Above Cronos Warrior who attacked Max in the opening of the episode.
  • Issei Futamata, who played Karas, also played Mizuchi in episode 6.
  • Kyooko Hamura, who played Max, also played Sofia in episode 7.
  • Masashi Hirose, who played Number 96, also voiced Lord Gillman in episode 8. Lord Gillman was also a Gandora Devil Commander with an arm which became a drill.
  • Rica Fukami, who played Meryl, also played the stewardess in episode 3 of Transformers: Super God Masterforce.
  • The French dub of this episode was called "Emeraldio".
  • In some English subtitles the name of this episode is "The Heroic Legend of Elomedia" and "The Legend of Elomedia".



  1. "Legend of the Elmedia Hero". Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos. September 18th, 1986. No. 12, season 1.

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