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Krok is the name of two a fictional characters in the Transformers series. The original Krok was introduced in 1990 as part of the Action Masters line.

Transformers: Generation 1

Transformers character
Generation 1 Krok on card
First appearance

Transformers #76 by Marvel Comics, March 1991
Species Transformer


Alternate mode

None, stealth bomber

Foot Soldier

"The road to conquest is best traveled one step at a time."


Transformers: Generation 1
Transformers: Timelines

Action Masters, Deluxe vehicles, Targetmasters
Tech specs

ST09 IN06 SP02 EN10

RN05 CO07 FB06 SK08

Fictional biography

Gets his kicks from kicking! One blow from his automatic-powered foot can send an Autobot into orbit. Centuries of playing all-star mecha-soccer on Cybertron have made him the terror he is today. By taking a single-stomping step, he can create a mini-earthquake with a scaled reading of at least 7.0. His faithful partner; Gatoraider, uses his vise-like jaws to crush any unfortunate being caught in the aftershocks. Converts to powerful concussion cannon.


Dreamwave Productions

In the War Within series Krok was briefly seen as a part of Starscream's Predacon faction during his encounter with Grimlock's Lightning Strike Coalition.

Fun Publications


Krok appears among Bludgeon's troops in the story At Fight's End by Fun Publications.

Wings Universe

During Jhiaxus’s invasion of Cybertron, Krok stood by at the ready as part of a joint team of Autobots and Decepticons, awaiting Obsidian’s signal for their time to fight back. Once the signal came, they teleported to Cybertron and started beating on some drones. In the heat of the battle, Krok blasted the Soundwave clone’s head off, much to the disappointment of Serpentor, who had wanted to question him. Thankfully, Eagle Eyes spotted Jhiaxus on the battlefield shortly thereafter, and Krok and his allies attempted to converge on the enemy’s coordinates, only to be blocked off by Jhiaxus’s clone army. Nacelle led Serpentor and Krok to an old sealed-off passage to circumvent the enemy forces. Though the tunnel turned out to be much too small for their use as it was, thanks to Gatoraider, it proved useful nonetheless. They managed to get in position directly behind Jhiaxus, and Krok took care of both of the Prowl drones acting as Jhiaxus’s bodyguards. He was shoved out of the way when Megaplex enacted his vengeance against Jhiaxus, killing the Cybertronian leader. He then helped restrain Megaplex. Krok was later present at the signing of the Pax Cybertronia.

IDW Publishing

Krok was constructed cold.

Following the end of the Great War, Krok found himself separated from the rest of his squad, so he gathered a ragtag crew comprising Misfire, Flywheels, Spinister and Crankcase aboard the Weak Anthropic Principle and set out after them. Stopping off to scavenge energon and spare parts from Decepticon corpses on the planet Clemency on the way, they recruited the not-dead-after-all Fulcrum, stopping to build a fire out of a wounded Autobot and update Fulcrum on the war's end, executing the Autobot when they were done. Shortly thereafter Misfire spotted an abandoned P-6 Worldsweeper ship and the crew decided to investigate. If the contents of the ship, including lots of brain modules, aborted protoforms, a wooden robot, bleeding skin-covered rooms and Grimlock in a stasis pod wasn't unsettling enough, Krok picked up a message from the Decepticon Justice Division informing them that one of their number was scheduled to be killed and if they turned him over the others could watch.

Krok decided to stay behind and battle the D.J.D. by putting Grimlock, who had been inside the ship in stasis-lock, out in the open and releasing him from his pod when the D.J.D. got close. At the last moment, the D.J.D. revealed they were actually after Fulcrum but before the Decepticon could explain, the D.J.D. arrived. Krok released Grimlock anyways and the fight began. Krok decided to fight Kaon but got elbowed in the face. Kaon took advantage of this by restraining Krok as Vos removed his mask, which was covered in drills, and put it on Krok's face. Misfire attempted to save Krok but only managed to damage him more through his horrible aim. After a failed explosion made by Fulcrum, the D.J.D. left for another target. Fulcrum then explained to them that the reason why the D.J.D. had been after him was for committing an act of cowardice during the war and Crankcase recovered Krok, who was still functioning despite his injuries. The group decided to fix Krok, set off for Cybertron, and use Grimlock, who was revealed to be almost brain-dead, as a bargaining chip when they got there. Before they left, they scavenged parts from Flywheels, who had been killed during the fight.

During an attempt to spring Misfire from the Galactic Council's death row on the planet Constancy, Krok was rendered inactive by the effects of Tyrest's universal kill switch.

He recovered when the kill switch was neutralized by Rodimus and Perceptor.

Marvel Comics

Krok in the comics was a lieutenant under the command of Bludgeon spanning from the final issues of the original series to the first few issues of the G2 series.

Krok appeared in issue #79, "The Last Autobot!" He was among the Decepticon forces under the command of Bludgeon who slaughtered the natives of the planet Klo.


  • Generation 1 Action Master Krok with Gatoraider (1990)
A new mold. Krok comes with a gun.
  • Timelines Deluxe Krok with Gatoraider (2015)
Krok is a remold of Generations Deluxe Megatron.
Gatoraider is a recolor of Arms Micron Dai. Turns from robotic alligator to gun.

Shattered Glass

Transformers character
Name Krok

Krok was presumably a heroic Decepticon who was killed by the Autobots. He is a dimensional counterpart to the Generation 1 version of the character.

Fun Publications

Clench, Krok, Overlord and Skyquake's bodies are seen decorating the Autobot headquarters in the Transformers: Timelines story Shattered Glass by Fun Publications.


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