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Transformers character
Name Kremzeek
Series Transformers: Kiss-Players
Transformers: Masterpiece
Voiced by Wally Burr[1]
Function Saboteur
Motto "Kremzeek!"
Partner Megatron

Kremzeek is a fictional character in the Transformers series. According to the original episode writer, Kremzeek is based on the monsters from the film Gremlins. Impossible Toys has released a third-party Transformer toy of Kremzeek.

Transformers: Generation 1

Animated series=

Kremzeek is a character inadvertently constructed, although it has been debated if it was purposefully, by the evil Megatron, during a series of electromagnetic experiments. He creates a living energy being, with an insatiable appetite for Energon and all mechanic objects, including but not limited to trains, walkman players, and even the Transformers themselves. The only words he can speak is his own name, "no no" (when subjected to Blaster's radiowaves), "choo choo" (when seeing a train), and "sleepy" (when he was feeling the drain of the Decepticon's energy magnet). But, although generally considered an accident and a menace, Bumblebee was the first to wonder if destroying it would be wrong, considering that it is sentient and, in his own words, "cute". [2]

The last of Kremzeek was seen when it was sent by radio waves to the Decepticons' energy magnet and dispersed into tiny bits of energy. However a second clone version was still stored in Blaster's tape chest and with a giddy "Kremzeeeek!" it leaped out and the chase to stop it began all over again. However its end, if any, was never shown.



  • Kiss-Players Kremzeek (2006)
A small version of Kremzeek appeared with Autorooper & Atari in their 2006 1/24-scale Transformers Kiss-Players set. It is made of a solid yellow plastic with red coloring on the eyes and mouth.
  • Masterpiece MP-05 Megatron with Kremzeek (2007)
A toy version of Kremzeek was released in 2007 as part of MP-05 Masterpiece Megatron's wide array of accessories. Although bearing the Masterpiece title, it has absolutely no articulation whatsoever, but differs from the one from the Kiss-Players version by being made of clear yellow plastic with red shading on its eyes and mouth. It is also much more "3-dimensional".
  • Impossible Toys Kremzeak
A light-up toy was produced and released by Impossible Toys. The toy is only available through eBay and its current home seller

Transformers Animated

Kremzeek makes a cameo appearance in 2007–2008's Transformers Animated episode "Sound and Fury" as part of a "please stand by,"-esque graphic when electronics begin to malfunction from Soundwave's control. This is likely an homage to Kremzeek's role in the G1 cartoon. He resembles his G1 self.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Kremzeek appeared on a drink logo in the Reign of Starscream comic series. [3]


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