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Kobra Power Rat
X-Transbots character
Kobra Power Rat toy box
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"To stop me, you have to catch me first."

Kobra Power Rat is a fictional character made by X-Transbots in 2011 as a third-party Transformer. He is a recolor of the X-Transbots Glider/Air Robot toy, done as an homage the Cobra Rattler jets from the G.I. Joe series.


In October 2011 KOToys.com announced the upcoming release of their exclusive third-party Transformer Kobra Power Rat. Kobra Power Rat is a recolor of their X-Transbots Glider toy, done as an homage to the Cobra Rattler from the G.I. Joe series.

Despite being an homage to the fictional Cobra Rattler jet, the design of Kobra Power Rat is clearly based on the A-10 jet, not the Rattler, since Glider becomes an A-10. The most noticable difference is the placement of the engines on the tail, not where the Rattler has them placed, on the front wings.

This isn't the first time we have seen a Transformer crossover with the Cobra Rattler. In the Devil's Due comic book series Skywarp and Thundercracker were reformatted to transform into Cobra Rattler jets.

Kobra Power Rat is not the only G.I. Joe theme third-party Transformer. There has also been Xovergen Grand Patriot and Headrobots Snake.


In November 2011 KOToys posted samples of Kobra Power Rat on their web site.[1] Later that month preorders opened.[2]



  • X-Transbots K.O. Joe Kobra Power Rat (2011)
A recolor of X-Transbots Glider. Turns from robot to jet. Comes with two guns and a knife. The box art is recolor from Dreamwave More Than Meets The Eye comic art of Powerglide. Initially sold exclusively by KOtoys.[3] This toy is limited to 500 pieces and was released in the beginning of November 2011.[4] It was available from other retailers in 2012.
This mold was also recolored as Wild Child.



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