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Ironbison (known as Killbison in Japan) is a Decepticon and member of the Breast Force.

Generation 1

Animated series

Killbison appeared in Transformers: Victory alongside other members of the Breast Force under the command of Leozack, and appeared early on with land-based teammates Jaruga and Drillhorn. The team were eventually joined by their teammate Hellbat, and eventually worked together to rescue Gaihawk from captivity in order to complete their team of six. After losing a seventh member, Deathcobra, the Breast Force used their combined form of Liokaiser to attack Star Saber, whom they held responsible for Deathcobra's demise, unaware that Hellbat was in fact responsible.


  • Takara Generation 1 Killbison (1989)
Figure transforms into a tank and comes with a breastplate that transforms into a robotic Bison. It was later recolored as the Rescue Force crane, an Autobot figure.
  • Hasbro Transformers: Generations Combiner Wars Platinum Edition Liokaiser (2016)
A Combiner Wars Decepticon Combiner that includes Ironbison, a remold of Brawl.


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