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Junkheap is a character, often depicted as an Autobot and member of the Junkions, from the Transformers franchise.


Generation 1


  • Generations Junkheap (2011)
A retool of Transformers: Generations Wreck-Gar; the mold was also used for Scrapheap and the Shattered Glass Junkions.

Shattered Glass


  • Shattered Glass Junkheap (2012)
A recolor of the Junkheap mold; was later remolded for Timelines Tarantulas.

Film series

A third character named Junkheap, who transforms into a Garbage truck, is a Decepticon featured in the Transformers film series toy line.


  • Age of Extinction Junkheap (2014)
This mold was also used for Junkion.