Jeanel Alvarado

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Jeanel Alvarado
Born Jeanel Alvarado
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Nationality Canadian
Other names Jeanel Ohemeng
Education Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing, Real Estate
Alma mater University of Alberta, School of Business
Occupation Businesswoman

Jeanel Alvarado[1], is a Canadian fashion retail, lifestyle and beauty blogger and expert media personality. She is the founder and CEO of RETAILBOSS [2], an international media publication, retail network and consultancy. Jeanel has been featured as a retail expert and credible source for on market insights, consumer habits, shopping trends and retail industry on various news publications and magazines including, Entrepreneur, Insider, Yahoo, The Sun, Shopify, Crunchbase, The Gleaner and more.

She has travelled to the United States, China, Africa, France, Italy, Milan, South America and several other countries to work with international trade show, conferences and events as a speaker, panelist, or host.

Early life and Education

Born and raised in Canada, Jeanel Alvarado spent her early year studies in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. In 2011, she started her own fashion blog focused on the retail side of the business, called 'RETAILBOSS' which since has become one of the largest fashion retail and beauty trade publications in the world.

In 2016, Jeanel Alvarado was awarded by The University of Alberta, School of Business as “The Outstanding Student Award” for her work at The School of Retailing centre and for an exceptional year as Student President of The School of Retailing.

Jeanel Alvarado completed her Bachelor of Commerce Degree at The University of Alberta in 2017. She also completed a Diploma in Fashion Marketing & Buying from LaSalle College, a top recognized Canadian fashion private school.


Jeanel spent her initial years of her career working in the retail industry.

After graduation, she was offered a position at The University of Alberta, as the Senior Managing Director of The School of Retailing centre. In her role, Jeanel was responsible for managing the retail consulting arm of the centre, and the applied research side. In her time at the centre, she worked closely with the Retail Council of Canada and Craig Patterson (Founder of Retail Insider) on applied research projects for the City of Edmonton.


After graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Marketing and Certificate in Retail Estate in 2017, she continued working at the Unviersity of Alberta, while continuing to simultaneously run RETAILBOSS[3], a blog she started in her first year of University, which has since lead to consulting and major brand opportunities.


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