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Ironhide is the name of five fictional characters from the Transformers series. The first Ironhide was an Autobot head of security who turned into a red van introduced in 1984. The second Ironhide, also called Ox in Japan, was a heroic ninja who turned not a pickup truck introduced in 2000.

1984 Transformers

Transformers character
Generation 1 Ironhide in box
First appearance

Transformers #1 by Marvel Comics
Created by

Voiced by

Peter Cullen (English), Show Hayami (Japanese)
Species Transformer


Autobot, Maximal
Alternate mode

Nissan Vanette, Cybertronian truck, GMC Topkick C4500, elephant , pickup truck

Security Lieutenant, Weapons Specialist

"High-Tech circuitry is no replacement for guts!"

Prowl, Silverbolt

Beast Wars
Transformers: Generation 1
Transformers: Generations

Deluxe vehicles
Tech specs

ST07 IN07 SP03 EN09

RN07 CO010 FB07 SK07

Ironhide (Rhino in Canada, Falco (meaning "hawk") in Italy, Vasököl (Ironfist) in Hungary, Bronevik in Russia) is portrayed as a strong and toughened old Autobot warrior who has seen his fair share of battle.

Ironhide has occasionally been depicted as a combiner, forming part of Betatron, Magnaboss or Optimus Maximus when called on.


Ironhide was one of the favorite Autobots of IGN.[1]

Fictional biography

"Go chew on a microchip!" is Ironhide's slogan. Prefers action to words. Oldest, toughest, most battle-tested Autobot. Bodyguard to Optimus Prime. In charge of guarding anything of importance. Gruff, but kind. Trithyllium-steel skin makes him nearly invulnerable to attack. Shoots variety of liquids from supercooled nitrogen to superheated lead. Has sonar, radar, radiowave detector. Slowest and most fragile of the group.

Animated series

In the "More Than Meets The Eye" three parter that launched the animated series, Ironhide was shown taking down Soundwave aboard the Ark before it crash landed on Earth and later assisting Bumblebee in stopping a Rumble-created flood. He quickly grew tired of the Autobots constantly being a step behind the Decepticons and impetuously took off after them - only to be brought back down to Earth with a bump by a teleporting Skywarp. Ironhide's most prominent appearance was in the second season episode "The Immobilizer". Distracted by Spike's friend Carly (who was a big fan of the Autobots) while on guard duty, Ironhide inadvertently allowed the Decepticons to steal Wheeljack's latest invention - a weapon that could freeze anything including Transformers. Guilt-ridden and believing himself to be too old to be of any further use, Ironhide resigned from active service, against the wishes of Optimus Prime. However, when Carly was captured by the Decepticons the veteran Autobot went to her rescue and saved her from the Decepticon base. After being frozen and unfrozen by the Immobilizer (after Carly and Brawn sabotaged it) Ironhide personally destroyed the device and returned to active duty.

Ironhide fully fulfilled his role as Prime's bodyguard in the episode "Transport to Oblivion". While battling Megatron at a power plant, Prime accidentally knocked the Decepticon leader into a generator giving him a temporary power boost. Megatron took complete advantage of this by knocking Prime down and temporarily stunning him. He then transformed into his gun mode, ordering Soundwave to destroy the Autobot leader. Ironhide leaping forward, took the shot himself saving Prime's life. Rather than pursue the withdrawing Decepticons, Optimus ordered the team back to base because of how badly Ironhide had been hit. The grouchy Ironhide was not at all pleased with needing some "R&R" (what Ratchet said was needed for one of his components "removed and rebuilt"). Ratchet humorously threatened to disconnect Ironhide's vocal circuits if he kept complaining. Ironhide made a full recovery and was available for duty soon thereafter.

In "A Prime Problem", Ironhide took temporary leadership of the Autobots when they could not decide on which Optimus Prime was which, as Megatron had made a perfect clone of Optimus Prime to fool the Autobots into venturing down into a dangerous chasm.

In "The Search for Alpha Trion", when Optimus Prime returned to Cybertron alone to save Elita One, Ironhide leads Inferno and Powerglide after him. On Cybertron the Autobots are briefly reunited with Chromia, Moonracer and Firestar to defeat the Decepticons.

Ironhide is killed in The Transformers: The Movie as the Decepticons invade an Autobot shuttle in which Ironhide, Prowl, Ratchet and Brawn are traveling to Earth. Before the shuttle departed, Spike asked Ironhide to tell his son Daniel that he misses him and that he will be coming home as soon as they kick Megatron's tail clear across the galaxy. Despite the heavily concentrated armor of his front section, he falls as a result of a number of blasts from the invading Decepticons and several shots to the chest from Megatron in his gun mode wielded by Starscream. When Megatron reveals to Starscream how he is going to attack Autobot City on Earth and wipe them out forever, a wounded Ironhide clutches at Megatron's leg and yells, "No!!". Megatron responds with the now famous words: "Such heroic nonsense" and kills Ironhide offscreen with a point-blank blast to the head from his fusion cannon. A few scenes later, Ironhide appears to be attacking Autobot City with the Decepticons but this is actually a mis-colored Reflector error.

Note: In the Transformers: Prime episode "Toxicity", Bulkhead explains to Agent Fowler about the dangers of Tox-En, a toxic form of Energon. In his flashback, a Transformer resembling Ironhide is seen dead.


Ironhide was featured in the 1985 audio adventures Megatron's Fight For Power, Autobots Fight Back and Laserbeak's Fury by John Grant, published by Ladybird Books.[2][3]


1984 Marvel Comics

Ironhide's first appearance is in the comics resembled his toy but was soon updated to his more anthropomorphic animated form. In US Transformers #4, with the Autobots low on fuel and facing an imminent Decepticon assault, he was chosen by Optimus Prime alongside Huffer, Bluestreak and Mirage to be given all the remaining fuel and stand against the Decepticons. While Megatron's soldiers collapsed at the last moment due to poisoned fuel, the Autobots were abruptly offlined and the Ark captured by Shockwave.

Once reactivated, he was part of the team sent on a failed mission to prevent the Decepticons contacting Cybertron and battled the Constructicons for the first time.

He later worked alongside Jetfire in the Dinobot Hunt and learned to trust him despite his Decepticon origins; and he fought the Constructicons again at a demolition derby while working as a bodyguard for Buster Witwicky. Things took a darker turn when, in Target: 2006, Galvatron arrived and Optimus Prime was sent to Limbo. Losing to the future Decepticon and having taken a humiliating beating, it was Ironhide who made the decision to dig up & reactivate Megatron and have him assume command against Galvatron.

Ironhide was sidelined as a character in subsequent issues, though he was drawn as fighting against Ratbat's forces on the moon and in the Time Wars.

He was later deactivated, presumably during the Underbase battle, and reactivated by Grimlock using nucleon.

In the latter-day black-and-white UK stories, he was one of five Autobots who Galvatron accidentally reactivated whilst trying to find Autobots with flaws that he could exploit to gain as troops. It was revealed Ironhide had once thwarted a terrorist siege only for the police to almost mess it up, leaving him feeling frustrated with humans. The five defeated him and Ironhide became part of the Autobot Earthforce, where he went on to thwart Decepticon attempts to create an Actionmaster Devastator and help Jazz prevent Megatron & Shockwave from uniting their two factions.

Ironhide appeared in the Marvel Generation Two comics in his Generation 1 form, seemingly dying alongside Smokescreen.

2003 Devil's Due Publishing

Transformers Ironhide as a Cobra H.I.S.S. tank

In this alternate-continuity crossover between Transformers and G.I. Joe, the Ark was discovered by the terrorist group Cobra, and all the Transformers inside were reformatted into Cobra vehicles remotely controlled by Tele-Vipers (Cobra's communications officers). In this storyline, Ironhide turned into a Cobra HISS (HIgh Speed Sentry) tank.

Ironhide appeared in the second Devil's Due comic series, this time reformatted by Teletran-3 into a 1970s car and also in the third crossover, where he was part of the combined Autobot/G.I. Joe force that attempted to rescue Optimus Prime. Although his alternate mode is not shown, his body resembles that of the classic G1 look, indicating his alternate mode is now the familiar Nissan.

2005 Fun Publications

Ironhide was been depicted in numerous stories by Fun Publications in different continuities. He has appeared as an old Autobot in their Beast Era stories, as well as appearing in the Classicverse and Wings of Honor settings.

Descent into Evil

A remold of the Energon Autobot Tow-Line, the original Ironhide makes his first appearance as a new toy in ten years as a BotCon exclusive. His body has been reconfigured by Optimus Prime and the Matrix into a form resembling a more advanced version of his old body (his Timelines toy). In the accompanying comic, Descent into Evil, set in a possible future he leads a group of Autobots, including his old friend Ratchet. Sent to investigate Deathsaurus' activities, they discovered his plan to create a massive army of Insecticon clones. After his team had been captured Ironhide took on Deathsaurus himself, hoping to distract him long enough to allow Ratchet to free the others. He failed and was captured by the larger Decepticon. However, he and Ratchet were freed by Ricochet, who was in fact an agent of Bumblebee, and had infected the Insecticons with a virus that slowly destroyed their clones. Ironhide was then instrumental in leading Autobot reinforcements to victory over the Decepticons.


In At Fight's End Dirge, Ramjet and Thrust under the orders of Megatron. The city was defended by Ironhide, Jetfire, Optimus Prime and Sunstreaker.[4]

Ironhide appears in "Beast Wars Shattered Glass Chapter One: Shattered Time" by Fun Publications. In this story Ultra Magnus and the Autobots aboard the Graviton battle Megatron and the Decepticons aboard the Talon. Both ships are pulled through a vortex into the past of Shattered Glass Earth. Crashing they discover that dangerous energon readings outside the ship will place them in stasis lock. The Autobots devise organic alternate modes to protect them from the energon. The Decepticons create energon-absorbing armor for protection. Ironhide takes on the alternate form of an elephant (his Beast Wars toy).[5]

Ironhide appears in the story arc Beast Wars Shattered Glass by Fun Publications. Ultra Magnus and his Autobots discover that their ship's high security storage rooms were damaged in the crash and the Autobot bodies in stasis pods were lost. They head out to recover the pods when they are attacked by Dirge and Seawing. They find the pods, but also discover that Megatron has gotten to them first. He's converted the three Autobots into Autojetter, Autolauncher, and Scylla, who are loyal to him. The Decepticons attack the Autobots, who are only saved thanks to the intervention of Depth Charge. Ultra Magnus orders the retreat, as there is nothing left for them to recover. Depth Charge informs the Autobots of his mission to save the multiverse.[6]

Wings Universe
The Autobots Big Bang, Ironfist, Hauler, Trailbreaker, Ironhide, Brawn and Jazz defend Iacon from Decepticon attack in Battle Lines by Fun Publications

Ironhide is among the Autobots present when Megatron attacks Iacon with his new weapon, Devastator.[7]

2009 IDW Publishing

The Autobot Primal Council in Transformers: Dawn of the Predacus

Ironhide appeared the IDW Publishing BotCon 2016 story Transformers: Dawn of the Predacus. In this story Ironhide served as a member of the Primal Council after the death of Optimus Prime. He confronted the new Decepticon commander Megatron in combat and comments how the original Megatron killed him once before, but this Megatron was nothing but a cheap knock-off. In the final battle with the Decepticons Ironhide helped form Magnaboss to defeat them.[8]

Ironhide in the Beast Wars Sourcebook

Ironhide has a biography in the Beast Wars Sourcebook by IDW Publishing, where it is established that the Ironhide from the Beast Wars is the new form of the original Autobot.

2012 TFcon comics

Depth Charge addresses Ironhide, Prowl and Silverbolt on Cybertron in Days of Wreckening

Ironhide appears in the TFcon 2012 live script reading prelude comic Days of Wreckening. In this story he appears on future Cybertron as a Maximal leader and refuses to let Depth Charge go after Protoform X.[9]

2016 BMOG Toys

Ironhide appeared in several BMOG Toys comics. Offroad was embarrassed his energon hatchet was identical to that used by Ironhide.[10] So Offroad obtained a M.A.U.L.-48 assault rifles and anti-protonic missile launcher from Ursenal and serrator ax from Mant-Axe, while Ironhide obtained two rifles and two missile launchers from Cobiak.[11]


Ironhide is among the characters who appear in the TRANSFORMERS CVBERVERSE Battle Builder Game.[12]


  • Hasbro Transformers Autobot Car Ironhide (1984)
  • Hasbro Transformers Generation 2 Power Master Ironhide
Beast Wars Magnaboss in box
  • Hasbro Beast Wars Transformers Mangaboss
A 3-pack includes Deluxe Ironhide, Basic Prowl and Basic Silverbolt.
This set was recolored into Beast Wars Second Magnaboss.
  • Hasbro Transformers Timelines Deluxe Ironhide (2005)
A BotCon exclusive remold of Energon Towline. Came packaged in a box set with Chromia, Fallback, Ricochet, Buzzclaw, Deathsaurus and Dirge.
  • Hasbro Transformers Universe Classic Series Deluxe Ironhide (2008)
Turns from robot to van. This toy was recolored and remolded into Universe Ratchet and Timelines Soundwave.
  • Hasbro Transformers Generations Combiner Wars Deluxe Ironhide (2015)
A remold and recolor of Generatons Combiner Wars Deluxe Offroad.


2001 Transformers: Robots in Disguise

Transformers character
Robots in Disguise Ironhide and Mirage in on card
Created by

Voiced by

Michael McConnohie
Japanese name

Species Transformer


Alternate mode

GMC Topkick C4500


"Let's move out!"

Mirage, Ultra Magnus

Transformers: Robots in Disguise
Transformers: Universe

Spy Changers
Tech specs

ST08 IN08 SP05 EN08

RN07 CO07 FB05 SK06

Ironhide is the strongest of the Spy Changers. Usually a peaceful intellectual until he gets pushed to the limit, then stay out of his way. He's an expert in materials transport and carries a shockwave rifle. Like the original this Ironhide has a Southern accent.

Fictional biography

The strongest of the Spychangers, Ox is normally peaceful and intellectual, but once he gets mad, no one can lay a manipulator on him. He is also a transport expert, and comes equipped with a shockwave rifle.

Animated series

In the television series, the Spy Changers received little characterization - usually acting in a group to attack or perform whatever mission they had been assigned. Ironhide's best friend was fellow Spy Changer Mirage which was the basis of one particular episode called "Mirage's Betrayal". After an incident where Mirage, fearing collateral damage, allowed the Predacons to get away, the others on the team accused him of failure. A furious Mirage walked out, realizing the Predacons had put a bug on him. Ironhide attempted to talk him out of it, but snapped and punched him when Mirage threatened to join the Predacons (unaware he was just doing it for show). Later, Mirage called the Spy Changers to Megatron's latest weapon, having ostensibly joined the Predacons. He managed to communicate his true intentions to the other Spy Changers, and they destroyed the laser. A guilty Ironhide demanded Mirage hit him to even things out between them - but Mirage simply prodded his friend, claiming they were now even before challenging him to a race back to base.

3H Enterprises

This character appeared in the 2004 BotCon voice actor play, and was seemingly yet another new Ironhide taken from a parallel dimension to that of the Robots in Disguise fiction.

The Voice Actor Drama was written for OFTCC 2004 by Simon Furman, set after the events in the comics. Spy Changers Optimus Prime, Prowl, Ultra Magnus, and Ironhide were among those taken from their world via teleportation beam by Unicron and his Decepticon minions. The Autobot forces opposing Unicron attempted to deflect the beam, which left them all trapped on an uninhabited ice-world. The Autobot forces teamed up to overcome the Decepticons led by Reptilion. Presumably the Autobots were then returned to their own worlds.


Universe Ultra Magnus with Ironhide
  • Car Robots Ox (2000)
A recolor of the Generation 2 Autobot Motormouth.
  • Car Robots Ox rerecolor
  • Robots in Disguise Ironhide Mirage (2001)
An American release of the Japanese Car Robots toy named Ox.
  • Robots in Disguise Ironhide (2001)
Identical to the version of Ironhide that comes with Mirage, but this one is package with a Tiny Tin.
  • Robots in Disguise recolor Ironhide
This toy was later recolored into several clear versions, one of which was repackaged as the second Universe Hoist.
  • Universe Spy Changer Ultra Magnus with Ironhide (2004)
The parallel-universe spanning Transformers: Universe line featured a black recolor of the Spy Changer version of Robots in Disguise Ironhide. This package was a Walmart store exclusive.

2003 Transformers: Armada

Transformers character
Armada Terrorsaur with Ironhide
Name Ironhide
Series Transformers: Armada
Alternate modes Dune Runner
Motto "Alone is no way to live."
Partner Terrorsaur
Sub-group Mini-Con

In 2003 a new character named Ironhide was introduced in the Armada series. This Ironhide is a female Mini-Con who is the partner to the Decepticon Terrorsaur.

Dreamwave Productions

According to the biography given by Dreamwave Productions, Ironhide was a supporter of the Mini-Cons joining the Autobots, and was joined with an Autobot warrior until he was killed by Terrorsaur. When Terrorsaur was taken by Unicron she was freed but felt an emptiness in her life and now misses him.

She is particularly strong and tough for a Mini-Con as well as being very smart. Her main weapon is her machine gun which fires armor piercing rounds.

Ironhide is very emotionally needy.[13]


  • Armada Deluxe Terrorsaur with Mini-Con Ironhide (2003)
Ironhide is a recolor of fellow Mini-Con Dune Runner. This mold was recolored into Crunch and Kobushi.

2004 Transformers: Energon

Transformers character
Energon Ironhide in box
Name Ironhide
Japanese name Roadbuster
Series Transformers: Energon
English voice actor Matt Hill
Japanese voice actor Mitsuo Iwata
Alternate modes Modified 2002 Dodge Durango
Function Gunner, Munitions, Warrior
Motto "If trouble doesn't find me, I'll find it!" (Original)
"A great mentor is the key to success." (Upgrade)
Sub-group Ultra Vehicles

Ironhide is a young, reckless Autobot who idolizes Hot Shot. He's a good fighter, but lacks trouble. He most commonly powerlinx with Jetfire, becoming the lower (or upper) half of their combined form. Carries a laser cannon. In vehicular mode, he resembles a cobalt blue, then later green Mercedes-Benz W163

Also note that the Japanese name for the Decepticon Demolishor was Ironhide.

Animated series

The youthful, impetuous Ironhide (Roadbuster) is the newest addition to Optimus Prime's team, and is desperate to prove himself to his commanders, particularly his idol, Hot Shot. Indeed, it is not generally the actions Ironhide performs on his own that define his character, but rather the actions taken in his relationships with others, the first such challenging being his partnership with the disagreeable human, Kicker. Neither Ironhide nor Kicker were happy about Optimus Prime's decision to force them together, but despite everything, the two eventually became good friends. Ironhide would also have to deal with the betrayal of Demolishor and the corruption of Scorponok, resulting in an emotional growth that saw him become the object of adoration himself, and leader of his own team. As a matter of fact, he broke the fourth wall when he said "What will happen next after the break? The world will never know" in the episode "Unicron Unleashed". Ironhide transforms into an SUV with roof-mounted cannons, and possesses the Spark of Combination, allowing him to combine with other Transformers. During the battle against Unicron, Ironhide was evolved into a more powerful form by Primus (the cartoons continued to refer to him by his original name, while the toys were released as Energon Ironhide and Roadbuster W in the U.S. and Japan, respectively).


Dreamwave Productions

Ironhide would also appear in the Dreamwave Productions Energon comic series, where his backstory was expanded on. In the years of the civil war Ironhide was a prisoner of the Decepticons, most notably the sadistic Tidal Wave, who killed other Autobots whenever Ironhide refused his orders, forcing him to make weapons. Before the events of Energon he had come to Earth under the command of Jetfire. However, his past would come to the fore once again in Energon #24 when he was attacked by Tidal Wave - now a Terrorcon, a group of former Decepticons enhanced by Unicron - who threatened Cliffjumper's life to get what he wanted. Forcing Ironhide to take him to a store of planet-destroying warheads to obtain one for the Terrorcons, Tidal Wave underestimated his prisoner's resolve as he activated the warhead and attacked Tidal Wave. The Terrorcon easily defeated him, but was forced to flee by the arrival of Jetfire and the seemingly imminent detonation of the bomb - unaware that Ironhide had rigged it not to go off.

He was subsequently on Earth for the arrival of the Omnicons, and was one of the defenders of the Autobot base alongside Overload and Dropshot, but was easily defeated by Scorponok. After Megatron surprisingly arrived and defeated the Terrorcon leader, he confronted Ironhide - but instead of destroying him he merely gave Ironhide a message to give to the Autobots: that Megatron was back.

Dreamwave went out of business before the end of Energon could be reached, so any further tales of Ironhide would remain untold.

2005 Fun Publications

Ironhide appeared in the text story from Fun Publications called "Force of Habit". This story explained where he was during the events of the Cybertron story. Ultra Magnus was the commander of various Autobot ships sent to other planets in search for the Cyber Planet Keys. He also served as captain of the Iron Hope which was crewed by Bonecrusher, Grimlock, Ironhide, Knock Out, Overcast, Prowl, Quickstrike, RipTide, Skyblast, Smokescreen, Swoop, Wreckage, and the Sky Scorcher Mini-Con Team.


  • Energon Mega Ironhide (2004)
A Mega class toy.[14]
  • Energon Mega Energon Ironhide
A recolor of the original toy in green, with the color scheme designed to evoke Generation 1 Hound.
  • Energon McDonalds Ironhide
Available only in Europe as a toy in Happy Meals.

2007 Transformers

Transformers character
Ironhide in Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen and Transformers: Dark of the Moon
Name Ironhide
Series Transformers Cinematic Universe
Transformers (2010 toy line)
English voice actor Jess Harnell (Transformers (films), 2009 video game, 2011 video game)
Mark Ryan (2007 video game)
Bronco O. Jackson (Cyber Missions)
Japanese voice actor Katsuhiro Kitagawa
Alternate modes GMC Topkick C4500 Pick-Up Truck
Motto "The bigger they are, the more there is to shoot"
Partner Optimus Prime, Chromia, Jazz, Ratchet, Wheeljack, Bumblebee, Mirage, Sideswipe, NEST, Sam Witwicky
Rank 8 (2007 film), 9 (ROTF, DOTM)
Sub-group Weapons Specialist, Second In Command.

In the 2007 Transformers live action film, Ironhide appears as a modified GMC Topkick C4500 pickup truck, replacing Arcee in the cast list. Peter Cullen, who provided the voices for both Optimus Prime and Ironhide in the original animated series, does not voice Ironhide in the film. In the film, Ironhide is described as being Optimus Prime's oldest friend and the weapons specialist of the team. He is a tough soldier who has sustained many injuries. His right eye has a large scar surrounding it. Before arriving on Earth, he sustained a broken ankle. According to the tech specifications of his toy, he was built during the Battle of Tyger Pax and is one of the oldest Autobots. His weapons included shell cannons mounted on both of his arms. In Dark of the Moon, he has a new rifle and a new rocket launcher invented by Que/Wheeljack. Despite his advanced age and extra bulk, Ironhide revealed himself to be an extremely agile and formidable opponent - He managed to helix twist over a screaming woman in the street at high speed while firing both wrist mounted weapons, and was seen engaging and withstanding assaults from Brawl, Starscream, Blackout, Bonecrusher and Crowbar. He is amongst the most powerful Autobots, exceeded only by Optimus Prime, Sentinel Prime and Jetfire.

According to an early interview with Michael Bay, Ironhide stands at 26 feet tall,[15] but the scale of his Voyager class toy would suggest he stands closer to 21 feet tall. The official guide to the Transformers video game says he is 22 feet tall. The Transformers U.K. magazine states he stands 22 feet 5 inches tall, weighs 3.8 tons and can travel up to 180 mph. He has a California license plate number 4PCI382. Ironhide also possesses a retractable faceplate that he activates when he goes into combat to shield himself from injuries.

The weapons in Ironhide's CGI model have over 10,000 pieces each. According to an interview with Industrial Light and Magic, Ironhide's guns alone have more pieces than some of the other Transformers in the film (Optimus Prime has 10,108 pieces).[16]

The vehicles used for Bumblebee, Ironhide, Jazz and Ratchet were put on display by GM at the 2007 Detroit River Walk Festival a little over a week before the U.S. release of the film.[17]


2009 IDW Publishing

This back story of the Transformers on ancient Cybertron is told in Transformers: Defiance. In this story, Starscream returns to Cybertron after encountering an enemy scout ship in the Eshems Nebula. After being repaired for minor damage by Ratchet, Starscream and Ironhide report to Optimus Prime and Megatron.[18] Later, the planet is invaded by aliens from the Eshems Nebula and Ironhide is among the defenders in the city of Metrotitan, near the temple at Simfur. When Megatron forms the Decepticons, Ironhide leaves most of his fellow warriors to join Optimus Prime instead, as he refuses to destroy innocents.

In Transformers: Alliance The Autobots aided the human soldiers after the battle in Mission City to destroy the Allspark powered machines that were created. Ironhide destroyed the "Y-Box" and Ratchet killed the Dewbot. After Ratchet finished repairing Bumblebee's legs, a trailer was obtained for Optimus Prime to carry the remains of Jazz. The Autobots then left Mission City before the Sector-7 personnel arrived to claim the remains of the Decepticons. About a month later Epps and Lennox contacted Optimus Prime, Ratchet and Ironhide about aiding them in escorting the remains of the Decepticons to the naval yard, but they were spied on by Barricade, who transmitted the information to Starscream. In issue #4 Fracture was hunted down by Ironhide and human members of N.E.S.T., who chased her until Ironhide could run her off a cliff, killing her.[19]

In California the Autobots set a trap for Starscream's minions Divebomb, Fearswoop and Skystalker by having Theodore Galloway pose as an arms dealer attempting to purchase Cybertronian technology. The trap is uncovered and the Autobots send in Arcee, Chromia, Elita-One, Ironhide, Mudflap and Skids. Divebomb and Skystalker are killed while Fearswoop is captured by the Autobots and taken back to the NEST base on Diego Garcia.[20]

Titan Magazines

Note: Events occurring in the alternate universe where Megatron won the battle of Mission City are in italics.

The Titan Transformers U.K. Magazine would reveal Ironhide's role in the departure of the Allspark from Cybertron. When it was jettisoned into space he, Ratchet and Jazz hit the pursuing Megatron with a tractor beam, dragging him back to Cybertron. They were no match for his firepower, but the Decepticon leader, realizing they were just stalling him, called in Brawl (Devastator). He proved impervious to their firepower, and seemingly eliminated them all with a foldspace warhead, with Megatron commenting they were lost in space.

In the story Lost in Space 3: Ironhide" Ironhide was captured by aliens who were looking for the Allspark. In order to resist the alien mind probe Ironhide remembered a time when he was commanded the Autobots Skyblast, Signal Flare, Strongarm, Bumper and Slipstream against a Decepticon outpost. Discovering the outpost was mostly automated with only one Decepticon, Swindle, the Autobots learned that looks are often deceiving. Ironhide then determined that his alien captors may not be as powerful as they appeared, overcame them, and learned they were merely scavengers who found the ship they used to captures him. He also found a device designed to track the Allspark they had been using.

In a later issue, set after the events of the film Ironhide aids the human military in hunting Scorponok.

In "Twilight's Last Greaming" part 3 Ironhide and Ratchet sneak into the Decepticon Allspark Power Distribution Hub in Savannah, Georgia disguised as Payload style drones. Although they believe the stolen code they used got them inside safely, once there they are ambushed by Bonecrusher, who says that the code didn't work and he let them in so he could fight them. In part 4 Ratchet and Ironhide continued fighting Bonecrusher in Savannah, but didn't stand much of a chance until they were joined by Arcee, Armoride and Longarm, arriving from the moon.

Ironhide appeared in issue #17 of the Titan Transformers Magazine, in a story called "Return to Cybertron Part 1". In this story he is among the Autobots that go to Cybertron.

Ironhide would return in issue #22 of the Titan Transformers Magazine series in a story called "The Decepticon who Haunted Himself."


Ironhide appeared in the prequel novel Transformers: Ghosts of Yesterday. His character is a veteran and longtime friend of Optimus Prime. He is part of Prime's Autobot team searching for the Allspark, and voices the most displeasure at Prime's plan to communicate with the human vessel Ghost-1. With Prime and Bumblebee on the surface, Ironhide and Jazz battle the Decepticons, but Ironhide is put to flight by Starscream's return, only being saved by Ratchet's volley of fire from the Ark. In the final battle, he fights Bonecrusher, delaying him long enough for Prime to get a bead on Starscream, but is unable to stop Starscream from destroying Ghost-1.

Movie plot

In Transformers, Ironhide arrives on Earth at the same time as Optimus Prime, Jazz, and Ratchet. He crashes into a local's pool and after transforming from morph mode, he scans a GMC Topkick pickup truck and reconfigures his alternate mode to a new camouflaged form before meeting up with the other Autobots at Bumblebee's location. The Autobots then return to Sam's house and retrieve the glasses (containing the location of the Allspark) whilst attempting to hide from Sam's parents, which results in his mother's and father's prized gardens being destroyed by Prime's massive feet and Ratchet cutting off the neighborhood's power after accidentally colliding with an electric transformer. At one point, he becomes so frustrated that he asks Optimus if he can "take them out". He then gets a stern scolding from Optimus, who is frustrated at Ironhide's overuse of cannons. Unfortunately, that same evening a secret government organization, Sector 7, arrests Sam Witwicky, Mikaela Banes, and captures Bumblebee. Ironhide appears somewhat 'trigger-happy' throughout the film, and often pulls out his arm-cannons when he wishes to show off to new people, such as when he is first introduced to Sam, he draws his cannons out, and makes a classic Clint Eastwood impression, quoting "You feeling lucky, punk?", or to get rid of things which annoy him, like Sam's dog Mojo when it urinated on his foot and Sam's over-protective and inadvertently interfering parents. Optimus Prime, at one point, gets so annoyed with Ironhide's trigger finger that he right out asks "What is with you?!". He is also shown to be slightly contemptuous towards the humans; he questions Prime as to why they should protect the human race, describing them as "primitive" and "violent", only to be reminded that the Autobots were not so different from them once. When the Autobots arrive in Mission City, Ironhide declares Starscream's arrival by shouting out " It's Starscream!". He is then seen taking cover behind a truck with Bumblebee before being blown away when Starscream fires. Ironhide is, despite being easily the bulkiest of the Autobots, a tough warrior endowed with surprising agility, shown in the final battle when he transforms, flips forward, and dodges Brawl's missiles while doing a helix twist at the same time. He was also able to maneuver through the city, and flip over a nearby human without injuring her, rocket jumping over her right after transforming. Ironhide plays a large role in the final battle: when Bumblebee is unable to fight, he provides cover despite being outnumbered three to one. He battles Brawl alongside Jazz and Ratchet. Ratchet and Ironhide cover Sam as he runs to a nearby building to deliver the Allspark to the military. The two cover him from Blackout and Starscream, driving off both, but being disabled by Starscream. In too much pain to continue on, Ironhide orders Sam to "get to the building." After the battle is over, Ironhide brings the remains of his destroyed Autobot brother Jazz to Optimus Prime. Ironhide then gives Captain William Lennox a ride home, and is seen alongside Ratchet, Bumblebee, and Optimus watching the sunset or watching Sam kiss Mikaela at the end of the film. After Jazz's death, Ironhide becomes second-in-command of the Autobots.

In Revenge of the Fallen, he goes to Shanghai, China with NEST and is the first Autobot to transform (robot mode) to fight the Decepticons. He chases after the giant Decepticon Demolishor and helps in taking him down by shooting and destroying his wheel treads. He is then seen alongside Optimus Prime when he executes Demolishor, calling him a "'punk-ass Decepticon'". Later on, Ironhide is with the Autobots helping Sam escape the forest from Megatron. Even later, he is angered by the arrival of U.S. military vehicles who threaten the Autobots by trying to deport them by way of the government. Ratchet suggests that they leave earth but Ironhide objects as he feels that it is not what Optimus would want. He goes to Egypt and leads a team to search for Sam in the village ruins. After locating him, he tells Sam to head for the others while he holds back some attacking Decepticons. When the U.S. airforce bombs the village, Ironhide narrowly escapes, dropping his cannons to lighten himself, he sprints through the destruction.

In Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Ironhide first appears when he receives a weapons upgrade from Que. Here he also warns Director Mearing that Optimus is in a bad mood after learning of the discovery of the Ark and asks if they checked the ship's crash vault. He is present when Optimus revives Sentinel Prime with the Matrix of Leadership and appears late in battle when the Autobots escorting Sentinel Prime are attacked by the Dreads. Ironhide rams the two in his truck mode, flips in mid air and quickly transforms, while the Dreads need a moment to recover. Ironhide and Sideswipe enter into a standoff with the two and all four drop their weapons agreeing to let the Dreads go. Suddenly, Crowbar throws an explosive spear into Ironhide's shoulder and Sideswipe responds by kicking a gun to Ironhide. He shoots Crowbar in the face, killing him instantly, then removes the spear and shoves it into Crankcase's mouth. Ironhide then slams the mortally wounded Crankcase on top of an abandoned car and kicks him into a shop where he bursts into flames. Ironhide then sheaths his guns, commenting "class dismissed". Back at NEST headquarters in D.C., Ironhide is ordered by Lennox to protect Sentinel Prime, but the latter then reveals to the Autobots and their allies that he had made a deal with Megatron to enslave mankind to rebuild Cybertron. As he does so, he shoots Ironhide twice in the back with his Cosmic Rust cannon. As Ironhide cringes in pain and expresses shock at what Sentinel has done, Sentinel callously responds by relieving him of duty before delivering the final shot to his chest. As Sentinel raids the NEST base and steals the Space Bridge pillars, Ironhide is corroded into dust and dies. In the end, Ironhide's death is avenged when Optimus kills Sentinel.

In Transformers: Age of Extinction, a picture of Ironhide appears with a red x indicating his death. Also, Hound seems to have replaced Ironhide as the heavy weapons specialist.

In Transformers: The Last Knight, A picture of Ironhide is seen in Burton's castle.

In Bumblebee, Ironhide is briefly seen as a member of the Autobot Resistance and seen based on his GI appearance.

Cyber Missions

Ironhide is shown fighting his rival Bludgeon, and also runs into Mindwipe.


In the video game, a conversation between Ironhide and Optimus Prime reveals that Ironhide was, at least partially, responsible for the destruction of a planet - or a moon - named "Kaiba-5". However, Ironhide responds by claiming, "Awww, that hunk of rock was gonna blow up anyway." In the Autobots storyline, he battles and defeats Brawl as revenge for the former killing Jazz. In the Decepticons storyline, he is killed by Blackout.

Ironhide is among the playable characters in the 2009 Revenge of the Fallen video game by Activision. In Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Ironhide Is able to play in more missions due to the character select feature.[21]

In another Activision game, Transformers: Dark of the Moon: The Game, he is a default playable character. He has the right-hand mounted Autocannon, a Shotgun, and a full-automatic rifle called a Heavy Iron. He faces "Mixmaster", who is destroyed in the movie but appears in the game as a non-playable boss character.


All Ironhide toys of this character are officially licensed from General Motors.

  • Transformers Fast Action Battlers Cannon Blast Ironhide (2007)
A Deluxe sized toy meant for quick transformation and younger children. This toy of Ironhide measures 12 centimeters long, while an actual Topkick measures 625 centimeters long, giving this toy a scale of about 1/52.
  • Transformers Voyager Ironhide (2007)
A Voyager sized toy with high details, on the same scale with Leader Class Optimus Prime, Deluxe Class Bumblebee and most of the Deluxe figures. Features Automorph technology and is equipped with two forearm-mounted cannons that can be linked to form one larger cannon. This toy of Ironhide measures 18 centimeters long, while an actual Topkick measures 670 centimeters long, giving this toy a scale of about 1/35. With a robot mode 18 centimeters tall, this real robot would stand 22 feet tall.
This toy is noted as resembling the Generation 1 Autobot Trailbreaker, so much so that fan-based companies have produced sticker sets to make him into a custom Classics Trailbreaker.[22]
  • Transformers 3D Battle Card Game Ironhide (2007)
Ironhide is among the characters which appeared in the first wave of the Transformers 3D Battle Card Game by Wizards of the Coast.
  • Transformers Fast Action Battlers Pulse Cannon Ironhide (2008)
A white repaint of Fast Action Battlers Ironhide.[23]
  • Transformers Voyager Offroad Ironhide (2008)
A blue repaint of the Voyager class Ironhide figure with mud splatter effects on the wheels and truck panels.
  • Transformers Legends Ironhide (2008)
A prototype of the Legends class Ironhide toy was seen on a tour of Hasbro in 2007. It is packaged in a two pack with Desert Blackout and is a new mold (not a repaint).[24]
  • Transformers Premium Voyager Ironhide (2008)
A redeco of the Voyager Ironhide with metallic paint.[25]
  • Revenge of the Fallen Straightaway Shootout Legends Ironhide (2009)
A film-accurate redeco of the Legends figure. Bundled in the Target exclusive Legends Straightaway Shootout gift set with Swerve, Mudflap, Runamuck and Sparkcrusher.[26]
  • Revenge of the Fallen Legends Enforcer Ironhide (2009)
A red redeco of the Legends figure.[27]
  • Revenge of the Fallen Fast Action Battlers Cannon Force Ironhide (2009)
A red redeco of the Fast Action Battlers figure.[28]
  • Revenge of the Fallen Robot Replicas Ironhide (2009)
A non-transforming action figure of Ironhide.[29]
Revenge of the Fallen Voyager Ironhide
  • Revenge of the Fallen Titanium 3-inch Off Road Ironhide vs. Deep Desert Brawl (2009)
A Toys "R" Us store exclusive set featuring redecos of the Ironhide and Brawl toys.[30]
  • Revenge of the Fallen Voyager Recon Ironhide (2009)[31]
An extensive retool of the Voyager figure. New weapons include a crossbow (which transforms into the truck mode's front bumper/bull bar), a rifle, minigun and combat knife (which doubles as a bayonet for the rifle). The figure also features a newer, film-accurate head sculpt that is different from the regular 2009 Voyager figure. Recon Ironhide is also the first Transformers figure to feature the clip weapons system, wherein weapons can clip on specific areas for maximum customization. The clip weapons system is now standard on most newer Transformers figures.
  • Transformers Deluxe Ironhide (2010)
A new Deluxe-size figure of Ironhide. Comes with a drone that attaches to the bed of his truck mode.[32]
  • Transformers Activators Ironhide (2010)
A Deluxe-sized toy designed for younger children that features instant transformation at the push of a button. This sub-line replaces both the Fast Action Battlers and Gravity Bots from the movie toy lines.[33]
  • Transformers The Fury of Bonecrusher Voyager Ironhide (2010)
A blue redeco of the 2009 Recon Ironhide figure with mud splatter effects similar to the 2008 Offroad Ironhide figure. Bundled in a Walmart exclusive gift set with a battle-damaged redeco of Deluxe Bonecrusher and a "Most Wanted" trading card of the latter figure.[34]
  • Dark of the Moon Burger King Flip Out Ironhide (2011)
A BK Kids meal toy available at Burger King restaurants in the U.S. The toy consists of a detailed head that opens to reveal a small robot body, giving the overall figure a Bobblehead look. It also has a small flashlight that emits the Autobot symbol at the push of a button.[35]
  • Dark of the Moon Cyberverse Commander Ironhide (2011)
A new Commander (formerly Scout) mold of Ironhide.[36]
  • Dark of the Moon The Scan Series Deluxe Ironhide (2011)
A Toys "R" Us exclusive remold of the 2010 Deluxe figure with light blue highlights in the middle before fading into clear plastic, simulating the effect of vehicle scanning.[37]
  • Dark of the Moon Voyager Ironhide (2011)
An all-new Voyager Class figure of Ironhide with improved transformation, articulation and proportions. Comes with Mech Tech blaster that mounts on the roof or rear doors of truck mode. Pressing the rear of the blaster allows for a spinning "gatling gun" effect on the front barrel as it is pushed forward.[38]
  • Dark of the Moon Voyager Cannon Force Ironhide (2011)
A red and black redeco of the Voyager Ironhide figure, made as an homage to his G1 incarnation.[39]
  • Dark of the Moon Leader Ironhide (2011)
A new Leader Class representation of Ironhide, with hidden weapons in the arms and legs of the figure. Also features a "chest cannon" with lights and sounds.[40]
  • Generations Leader G1 Ironhide (2013)
A red and black redeco of the Leader Class figure as an homage to the G1 character.
  • The Last Knight Deluxe Ironhide (2017)
Released by Takara Tomy to conclude the 10th anniversary of the live-action film series, this Ironhide is an extensive redeco of his Transformers (2010) Deluxe Class toy.

2008 Transformers: Animated

Transformers: Animated character
Created by

Voiced by

Corey Burton
Species Transformer

  • transformation of body into steel-like substance

Alternate Mode

Cybertronian Armored Truck

Animated Series

Ironhide appears briefly in Mission Accomplished, contacting Ultra Magnus, that decepticons are attacking and they lost another Space Bridge and can't hold them off until the transmission got cut off.

Ironhide appears in flahbacks in Autoboot Camp as one of the trainees, he is shown to be friends with Wasp. ironhide gets his name from Sentinel when he had the ability to change his armor into steel.

Ironhide appears in the Third season premiere: Transwarped where Ironhide is a member of Team Athela, the team tries to hold off against Team Chaar, but where quickly.

Ironhide makes one last appearance in Where is thy Sting, where he is searching Longarm until he discovers Ultra Magnus badly damage, he asks him who did this and only told: Shockwave.

Ironhide would've return in the fourth season and be a member of team Prime, taking Bulkhead's place. He would've scanned a pickup truck, based on his movie counterpart.

2009 Shattered Glass

DK-2 Guard toy
First appearance

Do Over by Fun Publiations
Japanese number

Species Transformer

Alternate Mode

Van, GMC Topkick

Ironhide is a evil Autobot who is loyal to Optimus Prime.


Fun Publications

When Rodimus hijacked the Ark to leave for Earth without Optimus Prime, Ironhide was thrown overboard as being one of the Autobots too loyal to Optimus to go along with the mutiny in Do Over.

In Reunification: Part 3 Ironhide was in charge of the security forces protecting the Omega Doom project, as well as coordination of the project in general. Prime promised that if Ironhide saw the project through successfully, Ironhide would be given control of his own star system once they conquered the galaxy.

In Invasion Ironhide was put in charge of security on the prison planet of Paradron. When Ultra Magnus broke free, aiming to put his brother in his place, Magnus started by targeting Ironhide for execution.

Note: Ironhide is depicted as a black recolor of Universe Deluxe Ironhide.

IDW Publishing

In Shattered Glass issue 3 Ironhide attended an Autobot meeting in which Jetfire presented his findings about Metroplex.

In Shattered Glass issue 2, when the war moved to Earth, Ironhide fought alongside Windcharger, Brawn, and Downshift against a head-on charge from Megatron.

Note: Ironhide is depicted Generations Select DK-2 Guard with minor color changes.


Shattered Glass Ironhide appeared in the Forged to Fight game.

Note: Ironhide is depicted as the Revenge of the Fallen Ironhide toy.


  • Takara Transformers Encore Protect Black Ironhide (2008)
Turns into a black Nissan Sunny-Vanette Coach SGL.
Revenge of the Fallen RA-02 Voyager Ironhide
  • Hasbro Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Voyager Ironhide (2009)
A gray recolor of Voyager Ironhide with new, more film-accurate weapons and a head sculpt. Unlike the original toy, which has the cannons mounted under the doors in vehicle mode, this version has the cannons mounted on the truck bed.[41]
Turns into a gray GMC Topkick.
This toy was repurposed as Shattered Glass Ironhide in the Forged to Fight game.
  • Hasbro Transformers Generations WFC-21 Deseeus Army Drone (2021)
A recolor of Siege Ironhide. Turns into a Cybertronian van.
This toy was repurposed into Shattered Glass Ironhide.
  • Hasbro Transformers Generations Selects DK-2 Guard (2022)
A recolor of Earthrise Ironhide. Turns into a van.
This toy was repurposed as Shattered Glass Ironhide.

2012 Transformers: Prime

Transformers character
Prime Ironhide concept
Created by

Voiced by

Keith Szarabajka
Release number

Species Transformer


Alternate mode

Cybertronian armored truck, pickup truck

Heavy Munitions


Transformers: Prime

Cyberverse Commanders
Tech specs

ST09 IN05 SP04 EN10

RN07 CO08 FB07 SK06

Animated series

Ironhide was originally supposed to appear in the role that was later given to Bulkhead. Jeff Kline later stated in a bonus feature on the Darkness Rising DVD that because of the death of Ironhide in Dark of the Moon, the producers didn't want to confuse the kids with a living Ironhide. Concept art of what Ironhide would've looked like had he appeared on the show was later released over the internet.

Despite this, it was later said at BotCon 2012 that Ironhide would not appear in the show, but that he might show up in other places. During the episode "Toxicity", an Autobot resembling Ironhide is shown dead from Tox-En poisoning during Bulkhead's flashback explaining what the substance is to Agent Fowler.

In Transformers: Robot in Disguise (2015) Following the restoration of Cybertron from the Great War, Ironhide was one of the many Autobots blacklisted by the new High Council for being a supporter of Optimus Prime.


Appears in the novel Transformers: Exodus, Transformers: Exiles, and Transformers: Retribution.


Ironhide is a playable character in the 2010 video game Transformers: War for Cybertron.[42] He first appears leading the Autobot forces during the Iacon City battle at the Decagon and helps Optimus, Bumblebee and Ratchet get inside by lifting a giant stone pillar and tearing apart two brutes. He next appears alongside Optimus and Warpath in their attempt to free Omega Supreme and clear Cybertron's core of Dark Energon during which he expresses his disdain for Warpath's overly triggerhappy personality.

In the Nintendo DS game Transformers: War for Cybertron - Decepticons, Ironhide is unlockable by finding a data disk in one of the bonus levels. He is seen in the new trailer Transformers: Fall of Cybertron punching Starscream in the face when he tries to sneak up on Prime and Bumblebee. Moments later, he is seen standing on a high peak with Jazz and Optimus Prime watching the battle below.


  • Prime Cyberverse Commander Ironhide (2012)
A figure released in the smaller Cyberverse-scale toyline, with translucent blue arm cannons, and intended to interact with the Cyberverse playsets. This is the only Prime Ironhide toy to be released by Hasbro.
This toy was remolded into Prime Huffer and Trailcutter.
  • Prime Arms Micron AM-20 Deluxe Ironhide (2012)
A Takara Tomy Japan-exclusive red redeco of Deluxe Sergeant Kup with an orange Micron figure that transforms into his cannon. Like the unrealized Earth-mode Animated Ironhide, Prime Ironhide transforms into a red 4x4 pickup truck, a combination of his G1 and live-action film appearances. The figure mold was originally designed to be Ironhide, but Hasbro changed it to a green color and released it as Kup. In Japan, Takara Tomy subsequently redecoed the figure back to red and released as its originally intended identity, Ironhide.

Shattered Glass Transformers Animated

This version of Ironhide is an evil counterpart of Animated Bumblebee.


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