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The Illythia's Brood one of the legions in the Mythic Legions fictional setting.

Mythic Legions


These unnatural beings are bent on draining the very life of their enemies and making it their own. Comprised largely of vampires and other predatory species, the Brood are a rightfully-feared collection of horrors. In contrast to Xylona’s harmony with nature, Illythia’s followers will scorch the earth and raze every life in their path to accomplish their cruel ambitions.

As the first pure born vampire, Baron Volligar is ancient vampiric royalty. The product of an unholy union between Illythia and one of the elves of the First Age, Volligar is the most knowledgeable and powerful of all vampire kind. Early in the days following the disappearance of the ancient evil powers, Volligar bore a daughter named Lucretia who possessed a power that nearly matched his own. Wanting no part of leadership, Volligar spent decades training Lucretia so that she could take the mantle as leader of Illythia's Brood.
Calculating and refined, Carpathias is a warrior with unmatched precision and effectiveness. As a high ranking member of Illithya's court, he has been responsible for the annihilation of entire villages. Rather than going in directly for the kill, Carpathias prefers to paralyze his victims with a poison tipped blade, leaving them helpless as he silently drains them of life.
  • Lucretia (ML2, Female Evil Vampire Warlord)
Groomed from birth by her father, the legendary Baron Volligar, to become the leader of Illythia’s Brood, Lucretia couldn’t be more suited to her bloody reign of horror. Completely devoid of emotion or empathy, she is a callous warmonger who is all too willing to wipe out thousands as a means to her cruel ends. A bloodline descended directly from Illythia herself gives Lucretia immense power and a militant sense of responsibility that continually urges her to bring back her ancient ancestor.
One of the first to receive Illithya’s gift of eternal life as a vampire, the brutal knight Lord Edsekk became one of the first generals in Illythya’s Brood. As centuries passed and the tedium of immortality set in, Lord Edsekk was no longer satisfied with the vast powers bequeathed to him as a vampire. Edsekk's ambition drove him to seek out the dark sorcerers Azhar and Zazhar and strike a deal to obtain more power. He bartered the lives of one hundred of his men to the agents of Poxxus for an enchanted suit of armor that possessed immense power and near invulnerability. What Edsekk did not know was that he had been tricked into wearing a suit of armor infused with a parasitic spell that slowly consumed his lifeforce, causing him to vanish from inside the armor. The Blood Armor, known to the people as Vorgus Vermillius, now roams from victim to victim, leaving behind only the memory of the warriors it devours.
  • Vampire Knight (ML2, Male Vampire Knight)
  • Vampire Legion Builder (ML2, Female Vampire)



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