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Hyperdrive is, like Big Bang, an Autobot leader who was described and designed for fiction but never realized as a toy.


Generation 1

Hyperdrive was apparently conceived as the superior of the Turbomasters, outranking even Thunderclash, but never reached the stage of toy production. Interestingly, an image contained with Skyquake, whose Predators were the rivals of the Turbomasters, depicted Hyperdrive.

Fun Publications

"Ask Vector Prime" later expanded upon Hyperdrive's history, naming him as an Elite Guard instructor who taught the likes of Grimlock, Ultra Magnus, and Optimus Prime in one reality. He remained on Cybertron after the Ark departed during the Great War, and saved many neutral Cybertronians by fighting the Decepticons single-handedly. He later led a mass exodus from Cybertron after attacking Straxus' construction yards for ships, and fought a number of battles among the stars. Eventually he was named Optimus' successor and received the Matrix of Leadership, and though he preferred to leave field command to Thunderclash he was every bit as highly regarded as the likes of Optimus, Dai Atlas, Emirate Xaaron, or Rodimus. He later donned Apex Armor to help battle against a Forestonite-empowered Skyquake, and continued to fight for Cybertron even after passing leadership of the Autobots to Pyro. Eventually he passed on, but continued to serve as a shining example to the Maximals of that reality.

Shattered Glass

Though not featured, Hyperdrive is mentioned in Thunderclash's bio in the Shattered Glass storyline, which indicates that Thunderclash succeeded Hyperdrive as commander of the Elite Guard.

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