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Industry Toys
Founded 2010
Website http://headrobots.com/

Headrobots is a toy company that specializes in third-party Transformer accessories that was established in 2010.




Name Released Picture Notes
Cobra 2010 Cobra-headrobotbox.jpg Headmaster Warrior based on Takara concept art
Hothead 2010 Hothead-box.jpg Generation 1 Duros
Mixcoatl 2010 Mixcoatl-box.jpg Recolor of Cobra
Nightrider 2010 Nightrider-headrobotcard.jpg Nightrider recolor
Snake 2010 Snake-box.jpg Cobra Commander Headmaster
Blood 2011 Blood-box.jpg Voyager Bludgeon head and accessories
Butcher 2011 Butcher-box.jpg Onslaught
Stronghold 2011 Stronghold-headrobotbox.jpg Fortress Headmaster
Toxin 2011 Toxin-box.jpg TFcon exclusive Cobra recolor
Blood DX 2012 Blooddx-box.jpg Deluxe Bludgeon head and accessories
Centurion 2012 Centurion-headrobot.jpg Spike Headmasters
Courageous 2012 Courageous-headrobotbox.jpg Brave Maximus Headmasters
Garrison 2012 Garrison-box.jpg Gran Headmaster
Skel-E-Tron 2012 Skeletron-box.jpg Blood recolor/Skeletor head for Timelines Gigatron
Drone 2013 Drone-box.jpg Generation 1 Whirl



  • Big Road (Generation 1 Trailbreaker)
  • Black King (Cybertron Dark Scorponok upgrades)
  • Darksol (Revenge of the Fallen Mindwipe upgrades)
  • Iguana
  • Savant (Dark of the Moon Skyhammer upgrades)

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