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Giga Power Toys character
Guttur box
Created by

Giga Power Toys
Release number

HQ-03, HQ-03R
Species Transformer

Alternate mode

Robotic stegosaurus

Guttur is a fictional character and third-party Transformer homage to Generation 1 Snarl made by Giga Power Toys.

Giga Power Toys

Other third-party Transformers inspired by Snarl include FansToys Sever, JustIToys Desert Warrior Snarl and Keith's Fantasy Club Bladeback.


Photos detailing the toy's development were shown on Gigapower's Facebook, with posts documenting the figure from prototype to final release. Gigapower proved themselves to be extremely receptive to fan feedback, encouraging collectors to post their opinions, and even going so far as to make physical changes to the prototype to please collectors.

Guttur was released in April 2015.


Guttur was generally well received, with many reviewers praising the Generation 1 toy inspired detailing. A common issue encountered with the metallic deco was the hips separating from the legs. This is thought to be caused by incorrectly sized ratchets. In response, Gigapower manufactured free replacement parts for buyers who experienced issues with their figure's hips. In January 2015, Gigapower also announced they were changing factories.

The moonbase2 podcast for October 8th, 2014 discussed Guttur in the news.[1]

The Star To Star Toys News podcast for October 8th, 2014 discussed Guttur in the news.[2]

The Cybercast podcast for November 1st, 2014 discussed Guttur in the news.[3]

Fictional biography

Guttur is a member of the Gigasaur team. Like most of his teammates, he is bad tempered and prefers solitude. He spends his spare time catching fish. He enjoys combat and takes pleasure in the destruction of his surroundings. His opponents are said to be intimidated by his impressive physique.


  • Giga Power Toys HQ-03 Guttur (2015)
Accessories: Sword, rifle, missiles, flame pieces, alternate head, clear head/neck pieces, alternate eyes and crest
Guttur transforms into a robotic Stegosaurus and back. He is intended as a Masterpiece styled interpretation of Generation 1 Snarl. His transformation is engineered very similarly to Snarl's Generation 1 toy, sharing the same method of splitting apart to form the legs of his robot mode. Guttur is also very generously sized, standing at 11 inches in robot mode. His design seems to take inspiration from the Snarl toy rather than the Sunbow animated cartoon, but also adds further embellishments not seen in either medium.
Guttur's weapons feature a light up gimmick. His missiles can plug onto his arms in robot mode, alternatively, his back legs in Stegosaurus mode. He can also hold his missiles the traditional way by pegging them into his hands.
Guttur includes a slew of accessories. Two clear plastic pieces can clip onto his head and neck to further imitate the original Snarl toy. Exclusive to the metallic version is a set of translucent flame pieces. They can be attached to his feet, gun and sword.
Guttur's stock head can be swapped out for a alternative angry "snarling" face. Early copies of the toy indicated that the eyes and crest were interchangeable, but sadly, this feature was either badly implemented or forgone altogether in the final release.
  • Giga Power Toys HQ-03R Guttur (2015)
Accessories: Sword, rifle, missiles, alternate head, clear head/neck pieces
A recolor of Guttur, this time with all his metallic paint replaced with chrome, and his eyes in both dinosaur and robot mode changed to red. His quality control was improved and his hip ratchet issue was fixed.



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