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Transformers character
Generation 1 Micromaster Constructor Squad on card
Species Transformer


Alternate mode

Semi-truck cab

Battlefield Fortification

"Only our Decepticon victory is carved in stone." (Generation 1)
"Is this where I truly belong?" (TFcon)

Excavator, Hammer, Knockout, Sledge and Stonecruncher

Transformers: Generation 1

Tech specs

ST09 IN06 SP05 EN06

TE07 CO09 FB07 SK08

Grit is a fictional character from the Transformers series. He is a Decepticon Micromaster introduced in 1990.

Transformers: Generation 1

Grit is a Decepticon Micromaster front end combiner. He usually combined with his partner Knockout to form a backhoe truck.[1]

In 2015 Grit was the exclusive customizing class figure at TFcon Toronto. The figure was made from a custom painted iGear Van Guardian figure.

Fictional biography

As part of the Micromaster Combiner force, each member of the Decepticon Constructor Squad can be separated from its partner and re-combined with another Micromaster Combiner to form an incredible new Micromaster Combiner constructor! Can turn raw ideas into structural monsters of hard concrete! Known for constructing monuments at Decepticon headquarters after every Autobot conquest! Enjoy watching the destruction of something beautiful so they can build a frightfully ominous edifice in its place! Together they're unbeatable. When separated, too busy trying to out-design each other. They take pride constructing rather than destroying. Will build anything, anywhere, anytime for the highest bidder! Combine to form crane, dump truck, and ground digger vehicles.


Dreamwave Productions

Grit had a biography printed in Dreamwave Productions Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye series.

IDW Publishing

Grit appeared in the IDW Publishing comic stories, where he is not a Micromaster, but a full sized Decepticon. He appeared in the The Transformers: Drift - Empire of Stone mini-series.

Even after the war had ended with the Decepticons' defeat, Grit and his two flunkies continued on as always, attacking planets and enslaving the defenseless inhabitants. Discovered by Drift, the three were defeated and brought in chains to the Transformer-hating Galactic Council, much to Grit's horror. Ratchet offered to bring them to Cybertron in exchange for the location of Gigatron's main Decepticon force, and though Grit refused out of pride and spite, his underlings gave in and handed it over. On arrival, their shuttle was shot down by the other Decepticons, who assumed Grit had been working with the Autobots and prepared to execute him. He was rescued by Drift and Ratchet, only for all three of them to be captured and brought before Gigatron.

Grit insisted that he wasn't a traitor, but was only met with mockery from Gigatron's right hand man Hellbat, who told him a Decepticon who gets himself captured doesn't deserve to be a Decepticon. Enraged, Grit headbutted him in the face and tried to escape with the Autobots, but was cut off by Gigatron himself and imprisoned. After an unsuccessful attempt at tricking the guard into releasing them, the guard turned out to be Grit's old friend Knockout, who willingly let them go and gave them their weapons back. Grit then took off on his own, seeking to hunt down and kill Hellbat for what he'd said.

Finding Hellbat in the middle of explaining his evil plan to Drift and Ratchet, Grit opened fire on him, giving the Autobots an opening to fight back. Unfortunately his coveted one-on-one battle with Hellbat was interrupted by Vanquish, who threw him into a wall and left him to be saved by Drift a second time. Escaping and forging an alliance with Gigatron.

The three engaged Hellbat's Stone Army in battle, and Grit took on Vanquish once more to keep him busy while Drift confronted Hellbat. The fight ended with Vanquish impaling him and mocking his decision to help the Autobots, but Grit mustered up his last bit of strength to stand by his choice and rip his opponent's head off before collapsing. Assuming him to be dead, Drift and Ratchet left him behind when Hellbat was defeated and the building collapsed, but he survived and would later dig himself out of the rubble. After pausing in reflection of all that had happened to him, Grit tore off his Decepticon insignia and set out to live life by his own decisions.


  • Generation 1 Micromaster Combiner Constructor Squad (1990)
A new mold. Grit and Knockout combined into a construction vehicle.
Grit was recolored into Pipeline.
  • iGear Van Guardian (2013)
A recolor of Hench. Turns from robot to truck. Comes with a shock gun accessory.
This toy was used as the base for the TFcon 2015 customizing class Grit figure.


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