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The Greene family is a human family from the Transformers: Rescue Bots series, closely allied with the titular Rescue Bots and the Burns family.




Lorraine was a magician and the great-grandmother of Ezra and Maura Greene, who gave up her magic act after she married into the Greene family.


Dr. Ezra "Doc" Greene is the patriarch of the family and Griffin Rock's leading scientist, though occasionally his innovations are more troublesome than helpful. Despite this, he does his best to improve the lives of islanders and others through his developments.

Doc Greene is voiced by Levar Burton.


Francine Elma "Frankie" Greene is Doc's daughter by a previous marriage; the fate/whereabouts of her mother are unknown. Like her father Frankie is an avid scientist, inspired by her namesake Elma Hendrickson, Griffin Rocks' first female scientist. Frankie was the first person outside of the Burns family to learn the Rescue Bots' secret, with Heatwave breaking "mindless robot" character in order to save her and himself from a cave-in.

Frankie is best friends with Cody Burns, the pair having shared a number of adventures and other experiences as well as numerous interests. In an alternate future created when the Burns siblings were sent into the future, Frankie grew up to be a helicopter pilot, but lamented that she had matured "without [her] best friend."

Frankie is voiced by Diamond White.


Professor Anna Baranova-Greene is a scientist who lived in Griffin Rock nearly thirty years before the events of Rescue Bots, during which time she conceived of Project Midgard, an effort to use a submarine lab to discover the source of the "Griffin Rock Triangle," a phenomenon that had been causing ships to sink off the coast of Griffin Rock. She eventually discovered that a methane vent was responsible, and set out to close the vent by taking her lab on an unauthorized voyage to drop an explosive and unleash an undersea rockslide. Unfortunately, the vent erupted right as she was about to drop the explosive, causing her lab to sink and leaving it badly damaged, though with intact life support. She spent almost three decades trapped underwater, with no one aware of what had become of her, until flotsam from the wreck washed up on Griffin Rock's shore and was discovered by Cody Burns. This led the Burns family and the Rescue Bots to find Professor Baranova, who was eventually convinced to sacrifice the Midgard-her home-in order to close the vent.

The professor was built a replica of the Midgard to serve as her new dwelling on Griffin Rock, and became a friend of the Burns family and the Greenes. Her knowledge of science and the island's history would prove invaluable on several occasions, such as when an old disaster contingency plan known as the Sanctuary Project began transporting all of Griffin Rock's citizens to an underground cavern. As time went by Doc Greene began to court her, and she reciprocated his feelings and grew closer to Frankie over time. Eventually she would be welcomed into the growing circle of humans who knew the secret of the Rescue Bots, after her incredulity over Blades' temporary inability to fly prompted him to take action against Colonel Quarry. Shortly thereafter Doc proposed to her, and she accepted, noting that "It was the only logical answer-I'm only surprised it took so long for [Doc] to arrive at it."

Professor Baranova-Greene is voiced by Kath Soucie.


Maura Greene is Ezra Greene's younger sister and a skilled magician, who employs her brother's innovations in her illusions.

Mora is voiced by Cree Summer.


Cecilia "Cece" Greene is Ezra and Anna's daughter and Frankie's half-sister, born in the period between seasons three and four of Rescue Bots. An incredibly bright child, she has already learned how to reprogram her toys and work some machinery despite not yet being able to walk or talk. Unfortunately she can be quite a handful, getting away from her parents, older sister, and other adults left in charge of her.

Cece's is voiced by Kath Soucie.