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Transformers character
Box art of Greatshot
Name Greatshot
Series Transformers: Generation 1
Japanese voice actor Michihiro Ikemizu
Alternate modes Cybertronian jet/Cybertronian car/laser pistol/flying mechanical rhino/Cybertronian tank
Function Covert Combat
Gender Male
Motto "Go ahead and challenge me, if you really hate being healthy."
Rank 9
Sub-group Six Changers

Greatshot is a fictional character from the Transformers series. He is an Autobot six changer and was a character in the Transformers: Victory anime series first seen in 1988. Mastermind Creations has announced a third-party Transformer done as a homage to Greatshot called Grandus Hexatron.

Transformers: Generation 1

Greatshot is described as a quiet brooding loner, and there is rumor among autobots that he used to be a Decepticon, possibly Sixshot, who shares the same voice. He was motivated to join the Autobot by the brutality of his former partner Blue Bacchus. [1]

Besides being a six changer, Greatshot has displayed ninja disappearing skills, allowing him to seemingly disappear in a puff of smoke and teleport behind his opponents. Although the toy comes with two rifles as his only accessories, he is also depicted on the animated series as wielding two swords and being skilled enough to cut the weapons out of his opponents hands.

Animated series

Greatshot speaks in a fashion like a stereotypical samurai in the Transformers: Victory animated series, shown exclusively in Japan.

Greatshot first appeared in episode #17 of Transformers: Victory, called "The Mystery Warriors of Planet Micro". In this episode Greatshot helped Star Saber and the Micromaster Rescue Patrol against the Decepticons Breast Force Hellbat and the Crossformers Blue Bacchus and Black Shadow when the villains were attacking the planet Micro for its energy. He defeated the two Decepticon Crossformers and destroyed their shells as they escaped.

Greatshot appeared in episode #24 "Crisis! Ambush in the Desert." Greatshot patrolled the galaxy for Decepticons and came to Earth where he spotted the Thunder Arrow. The Dinoforce attacked an oil field in Saudi Arabia for its energy. Star Saber sent the Brainmasters and Micromasters Rescue Patrol in Galaxy Shuttle. When the Autobots arrived they were ambushed by the Breast Force. Braver and Laster found it difficult to maneuver in the desert sand. The Rescue Patrol freed the human prisoners from Kakuryu. The Brainmasters formed Road Caesar, but it didn't help. Greatshot came to the rescue as Star Saber called for help. Deathsaurus arrived to take his anger out on Greatshot. Blacker injured himself saving Greatshot from an attack. Star Saber and Greatshot took on Deathsaurus and the Breast Force. Pipo did field repairs on Blacker. The Breast Force retreated when they became too injured to combine. Star Saber damaged the Thunder Arrow and Deathsaurus retreated. Braver and Laster blew up Dinoforce's energon cube stockpile and the last of the Decepticons retreated.

Greatshot last appeared in episode #31 of Transformers: Victory, called "The Resurrection of the Space Fortress". [2]

Transformers: Mosaic

Greatshot appeared in the Transformers: Mosaic story "Friendly Sword" by Cappeca.[3]


  • Generation 1 Six Changer Greatshot (1988)
Greatshot is a remold of the Decepticon Sixshot; despite his appearance in Victory, his toy was actually part of the Transformers: Super-God Masterforce line.


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