Grab and Go

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Grab and Go  
Venus Turzo, Marilyn Lightstone, Jack Angel and Dick Gautier (back row, left to right) during the reading of Grab and Go
Author(s) Philip M. Gervais
Illustrator Ninjatron
Country Canada
Language English
Series TFcon
Genre(s) Science fiction
Publisher TFcon
Publication date July 23rd, 2013 (prelude)
Pages 6 (prelude)
Preceded by Days of Wreckening

Grab and Go is a work of Transformers fan fiction featured as a voice actor play at TFcon 2013. It included four of the original The Transformers and Challenge of the GoBots voice actors reprising their past rolls along with fan voice actors playing the other rolls. The plot involves diverse characters from different Transformers series being abducted by Bikemurder, a parody of the GoBots character Cy-Kill.[1]



In the year 2006 Generation 1 Rodimus Prime, Sky Lynx and Ultra Magnus return to Cybertron from the construction of the GM Fan on the planet Namotorp for Perceptor's new power reactor when they are attacked by the Decepticons Astrotrain, Cyclonus and Galvatron. They are all suddenly abducted by a strange beam.

Several hundred years later on Cybertron, the Maximals are celebrating the defeat of Megatron with a firework show by Rattrap when Beast Machines Blackarachnia and Silverbolt are abducted by the same beam. In another time Animated Arcee is returning from a mission with the Omega Codes. She is communicating with Red Alert when she is abducted by the beam. Elsewhere Prime Knockout is abducted by the beam.

On the planet GoBitron, Thrasher reports to Bikemurder that the power of the creatures they abducted has made transporting them to an exact spot impossible. Bikemurder orders her to have Sporks recover the "accursed knockoffs". Van Guardian appears with Roswell, Rodimus Prime, Ultra Magnus and Blackarachnia to confront Bikemurder about his plans.


Rodimus attempts to find out where they are and is rebuffed by Thrasher. Galvatron and the Decepticons arrive. The other Decepticons are are surprised to learn Knockout is a flightless Decepticon. Blackarachnia confronts Thrasher and gets slapped around, but Silverbolt arrives to save her. Arcee arrives, but she is different from the Arcee Rodimus knows. Arcee is surprised that Ultra Magnus is not the one she knows. Galvatron attacks the others. As Astrotrain tried to clam down his leader Galvatron recognizes Bikemurder as a Transformer he defeated back in his gladiator days. Bikemurder explains that he abducted the various Transformers with the Universal Collector in order to take their legendary powers... the Matrix of Leadership, the link to the Oracle, the synthetic energon formula and the Project Omega codes. Bikemurder plans to use the power to rebuild their world and conquer the various Cybertrons. Galvatron orders the Decepticons to attack and endangers the Universal Collector. Knockout rebels against Galvatron to save his way home. The Transformers decide to use their legendary powers to reactivate the Collector to send themselves back to where they came from. Rodimus and Ultra Magnus return to Sky Lynx where Galvatron continues his attack on Cybertron.


Autobots Decepticons GoBits Maximals
Generation 1 Rodimus Prime Generation 1 Galvatron Thrasher Beast Machines Silverbolt
Generation 1 Ultra Magnus Prime Knockout Bikemurder Beast Machines Blackarachnia
Generation 1 Sky Lynx Generation 1 Astrotrain Van Guardian
Animated Arcee Generation 1 Cyclonus Roswell
Animated Red Alert
  • Dick Gautier portrays the voice of Rodimus Prime - a character he portrayed in The Transformers.
  • Jack Angel portrays the voices of Astrotrain, Cyclonus and Ultra Magnus - characters he portrayed in The Transformers.
  • Marilyn Lightstone portrays the voices of Roswell and Thrasher, who are based on her Challenge of the GoBots characters Path Finder and Crasher, respectively.
  • Venus Terzo portrays Blackarachnia, reprising her roll in Beast Wars and Beast Machines.
  • Voice actor Neil Temple voiced Generation 1 Galvatron and member Malwave provided the voice of Beast Machines Silverbolt.


  • The GoBits are all clearly based on GoBots characters. Roswell is Path Finder. Van Guardian is Van Guard, Bikemurder is Cy-Kill and Thrasher is Crasher. Also mentioned is Sporks who is probably Spoons and Captain-1 who is probably Leader-1. Thrasher's body is inspired by the 2007 Transformers film toy Fracture, who was an homage to Crasher.
  • The setting with Rodimus Prime is clearly taken from The Transformers episode "Grimlock's New Brain". The setting with Blackarachnia is just after the events of "Endgame Pt. III: Seeds of the Future", the series finale of Beast Machines. The setting with Arcee occurs during a flashback in Transformers Animated to her mission during the war, first mentioned in "TransWarped". The setting with Knockout is some time in Transformers: Prime after the Decepticons get a sample of the synthetic energon formula in "Stronger, Faster".
  • Galvatron's comment that Astrotrain is no longer a god is a reference to The Transformers episode "The God Gambit".
  • Galvatron recognizing Bikemurder as someone he defeated in his gladiator days is a reference to the Dreamwave Productions comic The War Within issue #2 and IDW Publishing comic Megatron: Origin issue #2, both of which featured Megatron defeating a gladiator who looked like Cy-Kill.
  • The GM Fan device and the planet Namotorp (Protoman spelled backwards) and references to the online handles of TFcon organizers.
  • Other characters mentioned but not appearing in this story include Generation 1 Bombshell, Perceptor, Scourge, Skyfire, Skywarp, Springer and Thundercracker, Beast Machines Megatron, Optimus Primal and Rattrap, Animated Ultra Magnus and Prime Knockout and Megatron.
  • Although Bikemurder had specific toy when this fiction was written, later story writer Protoman has refered to Unique Toys Salmoore as Bikemurder.[2]



  1. Philip M. Gervais (w), Ninjatron (a). Grab and Go (July 23rd, 2013), Toronto, Canada: TFcon

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