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Lost Protectors character
Bronze Boneyard art
Created by

Play With This Too
Species Bronze golem


Minion of King Kalcite

The Bronze Behemoth

"In the name of King Kalcite, I shall break you!.. Hey! Slow down! Get back here!"

Galdiat-Ore is a fictional character by Mathew Robert Ignash based on the Play With This Too Bronze Boneyard action figure.

Lost Protectors

Gladiat-Ore is a fan-made character based on the Bronze Boneyard figure designed by Play With This Too.


Bronze Boneyard was announced as bonus figure for the unsuccessful Boneyard and Jetstrike Action Figure Kickstarter campaign in October 2015.

Fictional biography

When Boneyard slew the mineral horror rampaging on the Nash 71 mining colony, it was just another planet saved. He moved on to larger threats on his way to the Galactic Arenas. He never returned to that world to learn the miners were so thankful that they erected a statue of their hero. Boneyard would be horrified to learn that the entire colony was pounded into the ground under the order of King Kalcite just to get ahold of that statue. Made of raw bronze taken from the corpse of the mineral horror, the stone emperor believed it would make the perfect warrior. All he had to do was to work his alchemical magic to bring the statue to life, then send it on a mission to crush the enemies of the king. The Gladiat-Ore does not rest, it does not feel, it only moves forward to close with the enemies of its king, including Stonebreaker. Sadly the slow moving Gladiat-Ore has no tracking skills worth mentioning, cannot understand any language besides ancient Granitese, and just wanders randomly looking for a target. King Kalcite abandoned his disappointingly slow warrior, leaving it to wander the galaxy. While Gladiat-Ore may be slow, few being can resist it's unstoppable force!


  • Play With This Too Lost Protectors Bronze Boneyard (unreleased)
A 1:12 scale figure who is a recolor of Boneyard painted in a colored bronze finish. This figure is the basis for the fan-made character Gladiat-Ore. Comes with an alternate "robot" head, helmet, two shoulder pads, two leg armors, an arm guard, an axe, rifle, sword and dinosaur head/shield. He has a 5mm hole in the bottom of each foot.
Bronze Boneyard shares his molding with Stonebreaker, Wastelander and Wrecktifier.
Some parts on Boneyard are also used on Barbaricles, Cloudstrike, Coleopterous, Concept, Faststrike, Flarestrike, Impirator, Jetstrike, Manvil Forgehead, Meanbean, Muscules, Rawbat, Sir Fangramore LeVenomous, Sir Pythanore, Stormstrike and Viper Squire.



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