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Megastorm is a Predacon featured in Beast Wars Second as the brother of Galvatron who is eventually reformatted by Angolmois energy into Gigastorm, in which form he gains a drone called Gigascouter.


Generation 1

Animated series

Megastorm is depicted as Galvatron's more pragmatic brother, with the pair growing more distant as the series progresses due to Megastorm disagreeing with how Galvatron chooses to operate.

After Magnaboss makes his debut, Megastorm willingly exposes himself to Angolmois in order to transform himself into a more powerful incarnation, Gigastorm, and proceeds to expose several of his fellow Predacons to the energy as well to enable similar transformations.

Gigastorm was eventually defeated after Lio Convoy and Lio Junior were temporarily fused into the legendary Green Warrior and fatally wounded him.


In the Beast Wars: Shattered Glass storyline from Fun Publications, Gigastorm appears as a massive transforming weapon piloted by Megatron, whose form has been modified to resemble Megastorm's. It was employed to defeat Magnaboss on prehistoric Earth.


  • Megastorm (1998)
A repaint of Transformers: Generation 2 Megatron available singly or as part of a double pack with Apache.
  • Gigastorm (1998)
A repaint of Trypticon, which features Gigascouter as a repaint of Full-Tilt.