Geminus (Mech IDeas)

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Mech IDeas character
Mech IDeas Geminus box
Created by

Mech IDeas
Release number

Species Transformer
Relatives Apex (brother)


Demolition Crue
Alternate mode

Drill tank
Tech specs

ST08 IN04 SP04 FB07 (robot)

ST010 IN04 SP07 FB07 (vehicle)

Geminus is a fictional character and third-party Transformer homage to Generation 1 Twin Twist created by Mech IDeas in 2013.

Mech IDeas

Geminus is a third-party Transformer homage to Generation 1 Twin Twist created by Mech IDeas.

According to an interview with Mastermind Creations publicist Ceno Kibble, Mastermind Creations worked with Mech IDeas designer Mel Warner to get them started. Kibble stated he wrote the biographies for Apex and Geminus, and that they will appear in his Reformatted Universe stories.[1]

Although Geminus was also the Italian name for Generation 1 Cloudraker, they are unrelated.


The Apex and Geminus molds were designed by Cassy Sark under the pseudonym Mel Warner.

Apex and Geminus were first previewed at TFcon 2012.[2]

In a survey on the TFW2005 forums held in July 2012, members were polled as to whether they prefered the upcoming Apex and Geminus or Generations Topspin and Twin Twist. Apex and Geminus were preferred by over 78% of those who responded.[3]

Mal Warner posted designs of Apex and Geminus on Facebook in September 2012.[4]

Prototypes of Apex and Geminus were reviewed in a YouTube video in November 2012.[5]

Preorders for Apex and Geminus were listed at Big Bad Toy Store in December 2012.[6]

In January 2012 various online stores announced that they would include an extra battle damaged head for Geminus for those who preordered the Demolition Crue.

Apex and Geminus were released in February 2013.


In the TF Beyond podcast for December 6th, 2012 Apex and Geminus were covered as a topic.[7]

The WTF@TFW podcast for January 17th, 2013 selected news of the alternate Geminus head as one of the New Picture Picks.[8]

In the Fwooshcast podcast for June 2nd, 2013 one of the hosts talked about the Mech IDeas Apex and Geminus he recently purchased.[9]

Fictional biography

Like his brother, he loves a ruck! Any excuse for a fight with friend of foe. His jibes and sarcastic manner make it seem like he isn't really trying, or paying attention to the battle - and this annoys many opponents - but really it's all done as a show for his brother's benefit, to make it seem like he finds everything easy.

He spends every spare minute of the day (when Apex isn't around) training and pushing himself to be better, as he is deathly afraid of screwing up, and he just hopes that one the day he does screw up, it is he who pays the price, and not his brother or any team-mates.

His tiring facade is maintained 173.5 vorns a day / 6.98 orns a week, and the only thing which stops him blowing a fuse is regular "rust and resuscitation" vacations on the hidden planet of Parapax, an off-the-grid planet populated exclusively by femme-bots, kept a secret by members of the Demolition Crue. Hey, even the worst jobs have to have their perks, right?


Geminus appeared in the Salvia Prominon pack-in instructions/comic "The Raid, Part 2".


  • Reprolabels Wreckers Symbols (2009)
A set of Wreckers themed Autobot faction symbols.[10]
  • Mech IDeas DC02 Geminus (2013)
An original mold by Mech IDeas. Comes with two guns, a 3-part hammer accessory and collector card. The biography for Geminus was written by Ceno Kibble. Apex has a similar design to Apex.
  • Reprolabels Demolition Crew (2014)
A set of stickers for Apex and Geminus.[11]



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